activists from the Alliance, “terrain” arrived early Saturday morning on the Site of the coal-fired power plant in Mannheim. Some are on a coal conveyor belt.

they are protesting against the CO2 emissions of the plant, a spokesman for the Alliance of the German press Agency said. They wanted to stop the operation of Block 9 in the course of the day.

The stone coal-fired power plant would account for approximately eight percent of the CO2-emissions in Baden-Württemberg responsible, it said in a message of “terrain”. On Twitter, the Alliance called for: “shut down the large power plant in Mannheim at last!” It is the coal-fired power plant with the highest CO2 emissions in Germany.

A police spokesman said: “The protesters block the main gate. In addition, a part of them is located on the site of the power plant.” Some of the activists were carrying banners and signs in front of the entrance. A danger of the protesters could not be excluded. Numerous emergency responders from police, fire and rescue service are on site. On other measures – for example, a clearance had not yet been decided. “The situation is calm.” A spokesman for the power plant wants to Express in the course of the day to the events.

According to the action Alliance 100 climate activists in the Protest took part initially. The police, however, of around 50, of which about 40 waited, therefore, in front of the gate. Other supporters were traveling in the direction of the power plant, said the Alliance spokesman. With the Blockade in front of the goal and the actions on the site, you wool the supply of coal for Block 9 of the power plant to interrupt: “We assume that the power plant still has about ten hours of fuel, then it would have to go from the grid,” the spokesman said at around 9: 00.

in view of the inaction of the Federal government, they see themselves forced to such steps, said the action Alliance also. “If the German government does not initiate immediate exit strategy from Coal, we will lose our Chance to limit the earth rhitzung to 1.5 degrees.”

environmentalists had criticised in the past, the operation of the gigantic power plant and the power plant as a “climate killer” – and in vain complained. Operators, the three energy companies, RWE (Essen), EnBW (Karlsruhe, Germany) and MVV (Mannheim) are. In 2015 the 1.2 billion expensive Block 9 was connected to the grid. He has a power of about 2150 megawatts.

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