the head of The economic experts, Christoph Schmidt, has acknowledged the role of the Friday-for-Future-movement in the fight against climate change.

“Fridays for the Future is an important Element that the society has now become aware that it cannot go on like this,” said the 56-year-old President of the Essen economic research Institute RWI on Saturday in a radio interview with the West German radio.

The movement had pushed for the policy to take the basic idea of a pricing of CO2 “finally get serious”. “Of course, a CO2-price as the basic instrument still the right way,” said the economist more. Schmidt took part on Saturday in a panel discussion at the summer Congress of the Fridays-for-Future-movement in Dortmund.

The Transformation of the energy system, Schmidt described as a “great social responsibility”. The aim was that “we do not consume fossil resources, or only so much to consume, as well as from the atmosphere actually can be taken”. “This net-zero emissions, we need to reach at some point, at the latest by the end of the century. This would be necessary if we want to exclude a large climate change to some extent.” “Now is the time to do, finally still more,” says Schmidt.

The five-day summer Congress on Saturday under the motto “Where’s it going?” to the future. To the Congress of the climate movement, a total of 1700 people from all over Germany will take part, according to the organizers. Since Wednesday, they exchange information, discuss and make new contacts. A total of 200 Workshops, panel discussions and working groups on the program. The Congress ends on Sunday.

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