Adam explained why he locked up two young children alone in the apartment

As it became known “MK”, the incident occurred on March 26 in one of the buildings in the area Northern Tushino. In the evening the police called the residents of the house and said that on the window sill of one of the apartments on the 12th floor is a two year old child that throws out the window the toys. Police arrived at the address, but the door no one answered. In the apartment heard a child crying. The neighbors explained to the guards that there lives a woman with two children, who regularly abuses alcohol. The guards called the emergency workers who opened the door. Going inside, police found two boys locked in one of the rooms. The food was out, the apartment was dirty. The kids themselves looked unkempt, the older child on the face was visible hematoma.

As told by the neighbours, the landlady 31-year-old Olga (all names have been changed) lives with his two sons (5 and 2 years). About fifteen years ago, the woman was left with children alone, then began to drink and got involved with bad company. Neighbors often hear a baby crying. The woman does not work anywhere.

She Olga says that he left the kids at all for a while, she had to leave for personal reasons. With her words, the boys had to watch their 80-year-old great-grandmother, but she didn’t come.

Now the children are in a children’s hospital. The police and the guardianship carry out an inspection by results of which it will become clear whether the mountain-mother and continue to educate children.