Adolf Bormann: what happened to the son of the leader of the Third Reich

Another 25/02/20 Adolf Bormann: what happened to the son of the leader of the Third Reich

Martin Adolf Bormann was not only the son of the private Secretary of the Fuhrer, but Hitler’s godson. In addition, middle name he received in honor of “supervisor” of his father. A few years after the fall of Nazi Germany, death of Hitler and Bormann, Sr., Martin Adolf became a priest.

the crown Prince on the farm

The personal Secretary to the führer Martin Bormann and his wife Gerda, daughters of high-ranking Nazi Walter Buch, had 9 children. The firstborn of the couple, born in 1930, he inherited from his father the first name, and second, it “gave” Adolf Hitler, who became the godfather of the boy. In the family of little Martin’s name was just Cronce, abbreviated from the crown Prince. He had to continue the work of their parents, so from an early age attended a Nazi Academy in Tyrol. But Bormann Jr. was not destined to complete the training. In 1945, the institution was closed.

After the defeat of Germany, Martin Adolf wanted to get to his mother, who at the time was already in one of the occupied German villages. But to do this he failed. On the way Bormann had to stay in Salzburg. The teenager was taken in by the local farmer Nicholas Hohenwarter. However, Hohenwarter were not even aware about who he let in his house.

Catholic priest

the Young man admitted to Hohenwarter that he is the son of Martin Bormann, in 1947. It happened once in one of the Salzburg Newspapers Bormann Jr. read about the death of his mother, who died of cancer in a prison hospital. Learn about the true origin of the boy, the farmer told the local priest. Soon, as written in the book “the Keeper of my father” Stefan and Norbert Lebert, Martin began to serve in the Catholic Church.

In July 1958, 28-year-old Martin Adolf Bormann was ordained a priest. According to AVThor “Gold of the Holocaust,” Alexei Morozov, three years later, Borman went to Congo as a missionary. There he was captured by rebels, tortured and sentenced to death. Miraculously, he managed to escape thanks to the Belgian military.

a Marriage with a nun

publishing content On The spectator for the year 2000, after returning home, Bormann, Jr. became friendly with one of the Catholic nuns. She nursed him after suffering in the Congo torture. Soon they were both asked to release them from their vows to marry. The request of the priest and nuns was satisfied.

After the wedding, Martin retrained as a teacher of theology. For many years he traveled to schools in Germany and Austria and lectured about the horrors of the Third Reich. Once Bormann even visited Israel and personally apologized to those who survived the Holocaust. In interviews, Martin Adolf repeatedly pointed out that as the son of a Nazi leader he was “responsible for his father.”

allegations of sexual violence

Martin Bormann really failed to avoid charges to your address. In the January 2011 edition of the Independent informed its readers that the son of Hitler’s Secretary suspected that he was sexually abused by one of the pupils of the Catholic school where he worked. And a few other former students have also stated that Bormann was regularly beaten them. Martin himself denied it.

In March 2013 at the age of 82 years Martin Adolf Bormann died.

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