Having a good and healthy relationship means you need to work hard on it, you need to put effort and you need to pay attention to your partner. There are plenty more things you need to do and some of them are more taboo than others.

One of those taboo things is sex toys. As soon as you say sex toy and relationship in the same sentence you are either looked at weird or people believe that everything is falling apart and you are going to split. Sex toys have been with us for a long, long time and most of us enjoyed them one way or another.

Sex toys are nothing difficult, weird or bad no matter if you are alone, practising or f you have a partner that enjoys them as well. What we discovered is that these things, in all their shapes, sizes and forms are better if you use them with a partner. We also managed to find some claims that these toys even saved relationships and marriages.

What is interesting enough is that every aspect of our life gets stale after a while and it is a good thing to shake it up a bit and make it more appealing, interesting and in this case more sexual. What way to do that better than with Tantaly toys?!


Now all things aside there is a way to spice up your love life with your partner and you can easily do it by using grown-up toys. The best way to have fun and fall in love with each other all over again is when both of you are willing to experiment and, well, play together. If only one of you likes these while the other one is reserved, do not push and do not force anything. The best success and the most enjoyment can be obtained by free will. Before you give it a go, our advice is to talk about everything and make a plan of sorts as to how exactly is everything going to go. It will open you both up to this and your first experience will be more acceptable.

Now, since both of you are on board with this the best way to start is to look for something both of you will enjoy. Pick together or if you are feeling brave, let the other side pick something and then you both sit down and figure out how to work that in your situation. This is probably the best thing and the best advice we can give you. be open on everything and figure out everything together as you go. There will be some things that may seem unbelievable at first but you grow to like them, or there will be things that you both will like instantly and then figure out that it won’t work for either one of you.

Reassurance is also a very important thing you need to consider if you want to have a better sex life and spice it up. Ego is a big thing with everybody and it gets bruised all the time and very easily. This is why it is important to ease both yourself and your partner into everything. This especially goes for longer relationships and the fact that you just can’t say “Honey, I want to introduce you to this huge dildo” and expect that nothing will happen. In those situations, egos can be devastated and the thing you are trying to do or achieve may backfire. The way to approach something like this is to sit down and reassure your partner that they are not being replaced by what you just showed them rather they are still present and important but the toy is there to enhance what you two are already doing so well.


Another very important thing is to choose the proper toy and test it as well. There is nothing worse in these situations than getting something for the two of you, not testing it and trying to figure it out while in the middle of your intimate moment. As you wouldn’t buy a car without test driving it first, you shouldn’t get a sex toy as well without figuring out all its pros and cons before first use. Numerous sites like talk about these and explain the use scenario and their standpoint and we do suggest you check these out but also test it yourself the way you like it and the way you want and see if it makes any sense.

The adult toy industry is growing and becoming more versatile and there are plenty of toys to choose from. Size, shape, colour, look and feel are no longer an issue because you can have almost anything you wish for. Nowadays these toys are looking less sexual and that is a good thing. If you browse for vibrators today you will see traditional ones and you will see newer pieces that look nothing like them. This is where the fun starts and where you as a couple that is just getting into this can start from. Get something like that for yourself or your partner and ease into everything together. After you have crossed that initial step and you are a bit more comfortable you can go to something more different or whatever else floats your boat.

Sex toys shouldn’t be the ones to blame for a bad relationship or any issues in it because if they are used properly, they can enhance your connection, your love and your sex life as well as your communication. These are all the keys to a healthy relationship and if you use them in a good way you will never have a partner problem. Do not exclude one or the other, if you are getting something for yourself make sure you include your partner as well. If you are shopping for each other make sure you are getting what your significant other likes not what you like and this way you will avoid any issues or awkwardness.


Bottom line

In conclusion, it’s evident that adult toys have the potential to be powerful catalysts for enhancing and revitalizing your sex life. By embracing these intimate accessories, you open the door to a world of excitement, pleasure, and intimacy that can benefit both you and your partner. The key lies in communication, trust, and a shared sense of adventure.

Adult toys offer a pathway to explore new realms of pleasure, experiment with desires, and strengthen the emotional bonds between partners. They can break the routine, infuse novelty, and boost confidence, fostering a more fulfilling and satisfying sexual connection.

However, it’s essential to approach the use of adult toys with sensitivity and respect for each other’s boundaries and comfort levels.