Elizabeth Hoad has really tried with the men. Eight years and 220 Dates. But the Right one was not easy. “I’m done with men,” she says today. The 49-year-old Briton is beaten – and now wants to marry their dog. “He’s not avoiding me from the side and we’re in love,” she told the British tabloid “The Sun”. “It feels right. It’s my way of saying that we will always be together.”

At the wedding of the six-year-old Golden will carry the Retriever cylinder, vest and bow tie and instead of a wedding ring, a gold bracelet. His groomsmen are two huskies. Now Elizabeth stands in front of a small obstacle: you have to convince the local priest to advise you with your Retriever marry.

Posted by Elizabeth Hoad on Monday, 26. November 2018,

Once the dog was locked up and beaten

Otherwise, everything is already for the wedding of 20 guests invited, the wedding trip in a dog-friendly Hotel. The 49-Year-old had rescued the Retriever once before Sleep. By previous owners he had been beaten locked up. For this, he seems to get more love – I hope to much.

source: “The Sun”

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