It is a long way from Los Angeles on the West coast of the USA up in the small town of Edgerton, Minnesota, the borders in the North of the country to Canada. But to want to celebrate a special occasion with Kerry Maggard, take the trip to your aunt Ann, who lives in Edgerton, celebrated its 100th birthday. Birthday. The Party wanted to Maggard, of course, not to be missed. Unfortunately, the journey proved even more difficult than expected.

Because, due to a storm their flight was stayed on Kerry Maggard and her sister Deb at the airport in Minneapolis is stuck. They feared to miss the birthday of your aunt, told the TV channel CNN, since its salvation came in the Person of the Uber driver Jesus Florentino. The man drove the sisters short-hand-more than 300 km to her aunt.

Uber driver is to be the Savior in time of Need

“We were really on the ground,” said Maggard, your state of mind at the airport. All the later flights were booked, rental cars were no longer available. “Since you will be creative,” she wrote on Twitter. In desperation, you’ve made a request in the case of Uber, the hope is that a driver would sign up for this long distance, but this was very small. The greater the Surprise, as the App, a driver with the name of Jesus announced. “I had not expected that my prayers would be answered so literally,” said Maggard.

the driver Jesus Florentino told CNN that he had not initially seen, where the journey should go. But then he agreed immediately: “I had the feeling that they just had to to this birthday and the Driving is fun for me. It has quite good fit.” Four hours the journey took, then Florentino had to drive back 300 km in total, the drivers took much more than 600 kilometres to allow the sisters to the Celebration with her aunt. “It is an important occasion, and if I was in your position, I would have been happy if me someone there had brought.”

A passenger Florentino on the way back, had not, by the way. No Problem for him: “I’m a driver, and that’s my Job.”

sources: Kerry Maggard on Twitter / CNN

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