peace and security on the Korean Peninsula continue to depend on the representation of the North Korean ruler Kim Jong-Un from the future behavior of the United States.

as I have said Kim during his summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin, reported North Korea’s state news Agency KCNA on Friday. Accordingly, Kim warned stagnated: “The Situation on the Korean Peninsula and in the Region and has reached a critical point, to return you back to your original state.”

Kim accused the U.S., they would have acted a prematurely aborted summit with U.S. President Donald Trump two months ago in Hanoi with a bad intention. It’s bracing “for all possible situations”.

Trump on the other hand, suggested conciliatory and again, almost exuberant tones. The US President said on Friday in Washington, it’s over very well in the talks with North Korea. “There is a lot of progress.” His relationship to Kim was great. There is a lot of interest in it, to conclude an agreement with North Korea. He treasures the support of Russia and China in this question.

During the Trump-Kim summit in Hanoi had not been able to bridge both sides work out their differences in the negotiations for the nuclear disarmament of North Korea. North Korea calls for a step-by-step approach, on the part of the United States goes hand in hand with the sanction loose. The U.S. government, however, expects a comprehensive agreement on nuclear disarmament, before it makes economic concessions.

Already the middle of April, had complained Kim in a parliamentary speech about the attitude of the United States at the talks, and Washington accused to make unilateral demands. He put the United States a deadline of the end of the year for an acceptable solution. Out Trump had responded with warm words about his relationship with Kim, without its criticism.

On Thursday were met Kim and Putin for the first Time to a summit together. In the center of the controversial North Korea were niche nuclear weapons program and the bilateral cooperation.

Kim invited Putin, according to the KCNA report, “an appropriate time” to North Korea. Yuri Ushakov, Putin’s foreign policy adviser, said that there for a visit yet no concrete schedule.

The North Korean’s commander-in-chief then traveled on Friday, earlier than expected with his armored train from the Russian port city of Vladivostok. The reason why he abkürzte the programme of the visit, was not at first clear.

Previously visited Kim reportedly still a war monument to the Soviet Pacific fleet in the Second world war, in the city center and laid flowers there. Afterwards there was a reception for Kim in a traditional Russian Restaurant, confirmed to the Governor of the Region Oleg Koschemjako. There is also Kim’s father, Kim Jong Il, during his visit to Russia in 2002. Kim did exactly to get the same menu served, the Governor said.

While Kim on Friday back to Pyongyang traveled, Putin visited the “silk road”summit in Beijing. There, he informed, according to Kremlin information, China’s state and party chief Xi Jinping on the results of the meeting with Kim.



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