With tax cuts and relief for pensioners will let the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, the crisis of the “yellow vests”. A good five months after the start of the social protests, and after a comprehensive citizen survey, he announced on Thursday evening in Paris, a package of measures that includes, among other things, the closure of the elite school ENA. Macron promised that he would reduce the income tax “clearly”. Of these, especially the middle class will benefit from many of his voters come from. In addition, it should be made easier for pensioners who have incomes of up to 2000 euros. The 41-Year-old also hinted of a possible return to the wealth tax that had been abolished by his government to a large extent. But is that enough to solidify his crumbling Power? The press:

press Macrons proposals for reform

“Dernières Nouvelles d’alsace” (France): “The coming days and weeks will show whether he (Macron) has convinced – and the small circle of the Indomitable, which are every Saturday on the road, and for the government already lost. It’s his voter base that has shrunk in the last time together, and also to the right-wing camp, he operated with some hints. (…) We have experienced a new impetus for the Republic’? Not really. A maximum of adaptation to the constraints of time.”

“Le Figaro” (France): “Emmanuel Macron should respond to the anger of the “yellow West”, but also to the despair of millions of French people who have never made anything broken. (…) He had to appeal to the Left with the language of justice and rights (the language of) authority.

He had to distribute purchasing power without increasing the deficit, had to reconcile with the journalists, without getting into the confidentiality ( … ). This was much expected. Obviously, too much.”

“La Vanguardia” (Spain): “Macron again shows that he pays attention to the feelings of the people. He defended, but at the same time, his reform plans and therefore in his answer to the citizens ‘ demands for concessions with refusals. Maybe the mentioned “art, to be French is in it”. But it remains to be seen whether the yellow West share his views. And if you are willing to accept the proposals of the President as a magic formula that will transform the problems into solutions.”

“De Standaard” “Macrons core message for the French seems to be this: I understand your dissatisfaction and will try you, but the guidelines of my policy are successful and should be continued. (…) Perhaps the fire in the Cathedral of Notre-Dame him in the cards. He has done very well at the French a sense of unity and Macron thus given the Chance to make their mark as a President particularly well. As always, it is to be hoped that Macrons statements are arrived at as many as possible French. His election was the proof that there is dissatisfaction with the Status quo, a different answer than the populism. A constructive and hopeful response. If Macron fails, also made this positive feeling nothing.”


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