Arm in Arm, were the mother and brother of the fatally injured Anthoine Hubert at the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps and gave each other Support. In her hands she held a helmet of your beloved Anthoine, both in deep mourning.

The tragic accident of the young French driver, the front of the formula 3 race on Sunday at noon with a minute’s silence was thought, had treated on Saturday, the whole Motorsport scene in a state of shock. “The fate is brutal. The loss is infinite. Anthoine, we miss you already,” wrote Hubert’s German-formula-2-colleague Mick Schumacher via Twitter. Hubert was only 22 years old.

formula 1 race was to take place as planned

In the paddock of Spa-Francorchamps after the terrible accident, nothing more, as before. Usually exuberant mood prevails to the accommodation of the Teams on Saturday evening, but now there was only shocked faces to see. Silence replaced the witty conversations, the powerlessness was felt by all. The Horror of a Crash, the 22-Year-old has shocked the whole HP scene and all of the insistently in front of your eyes, how dangerous the Sport is.


Was regarded as a promising young talent: Anthoine Hubert

©Andrea Diodato / NurPhoto via ZUMA Press, DPA,

“All of these drivers risk their lives, as soon as you go to the track. This needs to be acknowledged with more seriousness, because this is not done,” wrote F1 world champion Lewis Hamilton in an emotional Post in Instagram and found strong words for the victim, Hubert: “Anthoine is a Hero to me because he took this risk in order to realize his dreams.”

Hamilton is set to rise on Sunday as usual in his Mercedes, the Grand Prix of formula 1 will take place from 15.10 to normal. Sebastian Vettel and co. are passing through, of course, the accident. Almost all of the pilots of the highest racing series expressed Hubert’s family on Saturday, your compassion. “Today, we have a race. We do this with a heavy heart and carry the memory of Anthoine in the us”, it said on Sunday, a few hours before the Start in Spa-Francorchamps on the official Twitter Account. A cancellation or postponement of the race came in spite of the tragic events of the previous day in question.

Further, it was said in the Tweet: “just as it is for Anthoine, it is Racing, our Passion and our dream. It defines us. So we go today for Anthoine. Today and forever we will honor him.”

formula 2 car was in several parts

ripped The tragedy had occurred only the day before. On Saturday at 17.07 PM Hubert from yet unknown cause of lost control of his vehicle and crashed, according to the Eau-Rouge corner in the boundary. His car was thrown to the track and with full force from the car of the American Juan Manuel Correa recorded. While the 20-year-old Correa overturned and the vehicle upside down fell to the wayside, crashed his car into several parts. A detailed investigation of the incident should follow.

formula 2 in Belgium car torn apart: young driver Anthoine Hubert dies after heavy Renncrash DPA

The main race of the most important Junior series was first, and shortly thereafter canceled. The Motorsport world governing body FIA said that Hubert died of his injuries around 18.35 hrs. He died in the medical centre at the race track and could not be once more brought to a hospital.

Also, the Ecuador-born-Correa was injured in the Crash hard. Like on Sunday on the website of the 20-Year-old was informed that he suffered fractures in both legs, as well as a lighter injury to the spine. He was still in surgery on Saturday in a hospital in the Belgian city of liège, and is currently in intensive care. His condition was stable, it said further. Correa was in the Crash, were powerless and had no Chance to react appropriately to the Situation.

It in the formula 1 to create, was his great dream

born in Lyon, Hubert was considered the great hope of French Motorsport, the formula 1-experienced drivers Pierre Gasly and Esteban Ocon. In the previous year, Hubert was crowned the champion in the GP3 and was already part of the Junior programme at the formula 1 Team Renault. To make it in the Premier class, was his big dream, and quite realistic. Before his last race he was the best-placed rookie in the formula 2. The Talent was able to win the sprint race in Monaco and France, was as a Rookie on the strong eighth place in the overall standings.

Famous ancestors Habsburg Prince wants to conquer formula 1: “I could die tomorrow”

“I can’t believe it. We were the same age, we started with the race, and for many years on the track against each other fought,” tweeted country man Ocon and posted a photo. The Ferrari driver, Charles Leclerc, formula 1 team-mate Sebastian Vettel did. “I can’t believe it. Rest in peace,” she posted, the sovereign of Monaco in Instagram.

Hubert’s accident was one of the worst in the history of racing

Mick Schumacher was not involved in the accident and was not able to see the scene from his Cockpit. The 20-year-old son of Michael Schumacher, happened the spot seconds before the accident and remained unscathed. In the Cockpit, he does not need to rise on Sunday just like his colleagues, the leadership of the race series is decided, the proposed formula-2-sprint race to cancel.

Serious accidents there are in Motorsport, more so, the death of Hubert’s in Spa-Francorchamps was the worst racing accident in a FIA event for the formula 1 race in the fall of 2014 in Japan. In Suzuka the Frenchman Jules Bianchi severe head had suffered injuries and died after a long time in a coma in the summer of the following year in nice.

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