it will be discussed Whether the Red card for Eintracht Frankfurt striker Ante Rebic was shortly before the mid-term or not, even the day after, still lively. It seems clear: the action of The by a previous Trainer scolding may übermotivierten Croatian national player was unfair, and the subsequent sending-off – by allegedly excessively ur Show provided Suffering from Strasbourg goalkeeper Matz Sels, in addition, provoked the Situation in the already heated atmosphere of the crucial Playoff game in order to participate in the Europa League group stage escalate.

The sports Director of Eintracht Frankfurt, and Bruno Huebner, rose after the game against the TV channel RTL Nitro in any case, serious allegations of Strasbourg, and Coach Thierry Laurey: “The Official from Strasbourg should consider what you. The coach of the opposing team also has a beating,” said Huebner, who had to watch the second half from the stands. Previously, the matching media should be left Eintracht according to reports, however, player Filip Kostic in the cabin, on the minutes before, on the grass rolling Sels. Thrust series, scuffles and insults is the speech. “The referees got your fat away,” said Frankfurt’s Sebastian Rohde to the sports-1 microphone. Finally, the Coach of the Alsatian hand is to be rough.

Eintracht Keeper Trapp: “This is not simply a harmony ruled”

“What was going on in the mid-term, is simple,” goalkeeper Kevin Trapp to RTL Nitro on the tumultuous scenes. From the beginning, so the reading of the Frankfurter, provoked by the Strasbourg team on the court. “I don’t know who to believe you for who you are. So how you have played, you had the feeling that they have won the Champions League,” said Trapp more. “We must remain fair.”

it worked then, but not entirely. Ten minutes after the break, the Strasbourg professional Dimitri Lienhard flew from the place – because of an assault against Dominik Kohr. That didn’t happen, however, is likely to be quite random. “In the mid-term was discussed that some of the players in Yellow had of the opponents; Yes, it has to work, that one has then got a red card,” admitted the infraction Kohr sports 1 to log. “And Yes, you had the feeling that the opponent had today scared of us.”

provocation as a legitimate means by

“Dominik the Eintracht provoked, of course, also a bit”, was sports Director Fredi Bobic after the game no secret of the aggressive tactics of his team. “He got a bit harder, because he gets the yellow card. What happened to the Strasbourg player who is, in fact, what may happen then, that you’re there to provoke.” To plan such a scene will not leave, but it belongs to the tactics, to such a scene to work, by “we go hard”.

“There are in the Europa League Yes no video proof”, there Bobic sports 1, further insights into the Considerations of the Frankfurt. “I’m sorry, sometimes Yes, almost, but this is the football we love. Even with errors. But we have, of course, very well exploited.” Eintracht Coach, Adi Hütter, who was cautioned with a yellow card, let also know, that provocation were by hard Get in to the match plan for the second half. The conclusion of the Austrian: “The enemy has done this from the first Minute. Thank God, it is assumed that everything is in our favor.”

sources: Sport 1, RTL Nitro, “image”

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