History 02/03/20 Agent “Werther”: was the personal photographer of Hitler, Soviet spy

One of the most valuable agents of the Soviet intelligence during the Second world war was Rudolf Roessler. Thanks to him, Stalin was the German offensive at Kursk, which is known as the “Citadel”. The main sources Ressler was a mysterious spy from the personal entourage of the führer, code-named “Werther”. Most historians believe that “Werther” is a personal photographer and friend of Hitler, Heinrich Hoffmann, who introduced the führer to Eva Braun.

Personal photographer and friend of the Fuhrer

the German historian Johann Messer found that surrounded Hitler had two photographer: Hugo jäger engaged in reportage photography (filmed ramps and exits), and Henry Hoffman, who took photos of the Fuhrer in an informal setting and to create pictures, attended the meeting of the General staff. Hoffmann joined the Nazi party in 1920 and immediately became the party’s photographer.

In 1929, he introduced Hitler as a young girl Eva Braun who worked in his Studio with model and even filmed Nude for erotic postcards. The photographer brought Hitler to his shop and introduced him to eve as Mr. wolf. Later, Hoffman told brown that it was the head of the Nazi party, which really interested her.

Pandering Hoffman has brought huge dividends. Simple photographer elected to the city Council of Munich and received exclusive rights to photograph the German leader. It was he who made the famous pictures of the rest of Hitler and Eva Braun in the Alps. An important source of income Hoffmann was the sale of confiscated from Jewish values and works of art.

In the safe Deposit box of a Swiss Bank Henry kept pictures of Nude brown. He was going to use them, if the former model will decide to “move” your old employer from the current lover.

Photographer Hoffman – andGent “Werther”

the German historian günther von lung said that the German intelligence knew about the existence of the inner circle of Hitler’s spy “merging” information Ressler. On the orders of Himmler brigadenfuhrer SS Schellenberg has conducted an investigation and in February 1944 he was head of the report with a few names of the alleged agents. In the list were listed and Hoffman, however, the MOP head did not dare to “develop” the photographer due to its proximity to the Fuhrer.

During a visit to the office of Hitler, searched almost all, including the generals and Ministers. One of the few untouchable was Hoffman, who had the most modern at the time of photography. During a search of the home of photographer in the summer of 1945, the investigators found nearly 300 cameras in different modifications, including a miniature camera that fits in the button of his jacket.

After the war

Thinking about the connection of Hoffmann with the intelligence of hostile States and pushes its post-war fate. In may 1945, the Americans arrested him in Bavaria, and he, along with Goering and Keitel got 10 years in prison with confiscation of property.

Less than a month later the period was reduced to 4 years, and the Hoffman participated in the Nuremberg trials to organize for court. Convict photographer visited unknown officers of the NKVD, and even the famous Soviet correspondent and writer Boris Polevoy, who presented “friend of Hitler” a bottle of schnapps and a jar of stew.

the reasons for the betrayal

the Argentine Explorer Abel Basti, also believes that “Werther” was Hoffman. The photographer had the skills fotografirovanie secret documents, and was personally acquainted with Ressler. It does not attract attention to himself but the generals and Ministers of Hitler were afraid to touch the arc of the Fuehrer, which he is obliged personal happiness.

Abel Basti believes that betrayal Hoffman didn’t go for the money. Probably a friend of the main Nazi was a Jew hiding his true identity or he disbelieved in the idea of the German Reich.

Picglacial version confirms the story of a neighbor of Heinrich Hoffmann. After his release from prison, Hoffman lived in a small town near Munich. Rüdiger Bronx neighbor “friend of Hitler” he said that during one of the feasts, Hoffman said that after the defeat at Stalingrad, he realized that the Reich was doomed. To fight against the Russian and not the war should cease.

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