Another 25/02/20 “Air bag” and other tricks used by spies in order to knock the dog off the scent

the author of the book “criminal law”, O. Y. Kholod, argues that the use of dogs-detectors is one of the most effective methods for the identification of the smell of man. However, good scouts are able to confuse even the best in the business the tracker. For this they use the so-called “air bags” and masks the signs, take into account meteorological conditions and even the time of day.

“Air bag”

One of the most effective ways to avoid detection of a person or object with the help of search dogs is the presence around of these so-called “air bag”. According to the author of the book “Survival in the zone of armed conflict”, Boris Kudryashov, near any large object, be it a big boulder or a high wall, there are air eddies. The smell by which animals and can smell the title, like “sticks” to the surface of an object, wraps it, not spread around. Due to this phenomenon and created the “air bag”, inside which it is possible not only to equip the stash, but, for example, to make a halt or just to hide.

Meteorological conditions

in order that the dog are unable to get a scent, intelligence officers, mandatory pay attention to weather conditions. So, in the edition Evgeny Lapin “Operatively-search activity. Legal and theoretical foundations” it is noted that animals are not able to take the trail if the temperature is below -20 C and above +30 C. In the latter case, the upper respiratory tract of dogs become clogged with dust, which complicates the search. Besides, in the heat of the animal quickly get tired. Greatly complicates the work of search dogs, strong winds and torrential rains. However, it should be remembered that the little moisture that appears during a drizzling rainAh, on the contrary, dogs only helps.

Time of day

in the care of the pursuers using the services of the trackers, scouts not only take into account the terrain and weather, and time of day. If you believe Anatoly Tarasov, the author of the publication “Preparation of the scout: system of special troops GRU” the best results of a search dog given evening, night and early morning, but in the period from 11 to 16 hours, on the contrary, often make mistakes. According to Taras, this feature of animals is that cooler temperatures, some humidity and lack of air deodorization by means of sunlight, plants and flowers help to improve the efficiency of the dogs. Under the assumptions of Anatoly Tarasov, which is why the predators living in the wild prefer to hunt in the dark.

Handling marks

If you pre-arm yourself with the means by which it is possible to mask the traces, the dog will not take the trail even at night. Odoriferous traces scouts hiding by various odorous substances: tobacco, pepper, bleach, mothballs, boric acid, mustard powder, gasoline, kerosene. However, it is worth considering that in the rain, dry remedies, like tobacco or pepper, no effect will bring. In addition, as stated in the textbook “Criminology” edited by doctor of legal Sciences L. V. LV bertovsky, odorous and pungent substances sometimes, on the contrary, attract stalkers, because it becomes clear that a particular location was visited by one who does not wish to be found. Then scattered pepper or bottled kerosene guide to search for preserved olfactory traces.

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