A small plane with the footballer Emiliano Sala from the Welsh Premier League club Cardiff on Board went missing since the evening over the English channel. According to police sources, Sala was on Board a two-seater machine, which was on the way from France to Cardiff, and around 20 kilometres to the North of the island of Guernsey disappeared from the radar screen.

Emiliano Sala was searched on the way to England

rescue workers with boats and helicopters for hours in vain for the machine. At two o’clock at night, the search due to increasing Winds and high waves had to be interrupted for a loss, in the Morning it was resumed.

The 28-year-old striker Sala had only signed on Saturday an agreement for the exchange from the French Club FC Nantes and Cardiff. On Monday he had picked up in the training centre of Nantes, his stuff, before he went on his way to the UK.


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