Of dubious donations for the AfD could have benefited to the media, party leader, Jörg Meuthen reports. This is clear from lists of names provided by the AfD recently at the Bundestag administration.

Therefore, Meuthens alleged patrons are, in part, a name identical with donors, which had been presented by the party as a patron of the Bundestag faction boss, Alice ryegrass. The SWR magazine “Report Mainz” and the news magazine “der Spiegel reported”.

The party had confirmed last November that in 2017 around 130,000 euros were transferred from a Swiss pharmaceutical company in several tranches at Weidels AfD-kreisverband lake Constance. The money was paid back according to the figures, in the spring of 2018. Ryegrass was therefore under pressure. Donations of Non-EU citizens to German political parties are illegal. The Prosecutor’s office of Konstanz, is investigating ryegrass and three members of their circle of Association – because of the initial suspicion of a violation of the party law.

Recently, the AfD presented to the Bundestag administration, the names of 14 of the EU citizens to stand behind the benefits. In the case of Meuthens there had been media reports about AfD-election campaign ads which have been advertised by the Agency Goal AG prior to the state election in Baden-Württemberg in the year 2016. A spokesman for the Bundestag administration said: “The exam will take, whether it is an admissible parallel action or to a party donation.”

The AfD had transferred in August, 2018, as a precaution, around 5350 Euro to the Federal Treasury for safekeeping. The money is to be used for the design of Meuthens Website and for his state election campaign. Meuthen 2016 AfD parliamentary group boss in Stuttgart. He gave up the Post a year ago and moved to the European Parliament.



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