Alaska has estimated the losses from the Russian predamage

Photo credit: TASS/Yuri Smityuk

Fishermen of Alaska announced significant losses due to Russian food embargo. About it reports RIA Novosti news Agency.

According to the Institute marketing seafood Alaska, before the introduction of restrictions by local fishermen exported to Russia products of approximately $ 40 million annually. Under current conditions, they lost one of the largest markets.

it is Reported that in the United States prefer to buy seafood in Russia, because they are cheaper than the same products caught in Alaska. In the period from 2013 to 2018, Russian suppliers sold products to 551 million dollars.

In October 2019 economists the Academy and CEFIR first estimated that Russian consumers because of the food restrictions annually lose about 445 billion rubles in prices of 2013. In terms of each person we are talking about 3 Grand.

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