Alex Ochkin three rebels of the red Army officer

Heroes 23/03/20 Alexey Ochkin: who rebelled officer of the red Army

the Great Patriotic war has become a huge challenge for millions of people. Someone bravely died in the battle, someone managed to survive. Alexey Yakovlevich Occhino, which is a phenomenal survivability of the soldiers called, “Lieutenant Fire” fate has given a chance three times to back from the dead.

man’s Fate

When the war started, Alex was 16 years old. Adding yourself to in the military for two years, ockin volunteered for the front. Heroism was this boy in the blood. Among his predecessors on his mother was the hero of Sevastopol, the participant of the Crimean war and the famous surgeon Nikolay Pirogov. A famous doctor was the other grandfather. Eight brothers and five sisters father practiced medicine, one of them even became an academician. All war: someone in the First world, who in the Civil war.

After short courses at the artillery Academy, Alexey Ochkin was sent to the Luga line. The first fight could well be the last German sniper seriously wounded Ochkina in the head but he miraculously pulled through and after treatment returned to the front.

Then there was Stalingrad. Here the young Lieutenant after the death of the commander assumed command of the company. For nine days 57 soldiers of the 112th infantry division held the Assembly shop and play. The Germans several times a day, opened fire, but the result is not achieved. Then the Nazis used tanks, minesweepers, hoping to break through the mined area, but seven of them were broken. The Germans got such a harsh rebuff, decided, like fighting a whole battalion, although the protection was only wounded in the head Ochkin and six fighters.

Who dared, the whole

In the defense near Romanovo life of Alexey Yakovlevich divided into “before” and “after”. March 26, 1943, he, as commander of the assault troops, could not sit in the trenches, seeing as disguised and the survivors of the bunker (earth-fill timber emplacements) heavy machine gun has his soldiers at close range. The soldiers scattered in all directions, and occin with all legs ran toward the fire.

the shores of the frozen river, breaking the bullet hit him in the thigh. The bone was shattered, and the leg was kept literally on some tendons. Hastily bandaging the wound and cementing the bones of bus bars, the Lieutenant crept to the viewing window and threw a grenade at him. Explosion, but the machine gun again scribbling. Saving others, Alex closed the embrasure with his body – bullets riddled him.

the Battle for the village of Romanovo lasted more than a day. Only when rose storm, the soldiers were able to get to commander and get him from the battlefield. To catch him alive they did not expect. Wanted to be buried with military honors as possible to the position. Ockin showed no signs of life. It brought into the house, but suddenly he opened his eyes in delirium cast a glance at the standings and decided that before them the Nazis, who were snatched from his hand grenade pin. One of the soldiers, Boris Filimonov, barely managed to catch it and throw it in the broken window.

Alex Woke up a month later in the hospital. On the leg that was hit by explosive bullet, have already developed gangrene, but the amputation of the Lieutenant refused, escaped from the hospital and headed to his unit. In one of the villages that got in his way, a girl named Katia Chernyshov, called him in, offering shelter and food. Her grandmother was a famous herbalist and treated his wound on his leg. Good luck and good health Ochkina amazed even field doctors who, it would seem, saw in this life has everything.

the others were waiting for him the award of commander of the army Ivan Chernyakhovsky was awarded to soldiers of the order of the red Star. According to the operational summary of the 112th division intelligence group Ochkina eliminated forty-Nazi soldiers and captured a duty officer at the defense, which gave valuable testimony.

In November 1943, participating in the battles for the liberation of Kiev, Alexei Ochkin gets into the environment and gets heavythe whole wound in the leg and a concussion. Battlefield pulls his angel; the same Katya Chernyshova, once saved him from harm.

the type of the transit hospital doctors decided to amputate the leg Occhino. Threatening doctors with weapons, Alex once again refusing surgery. He remembered how he woke up frozen from the cold in the morgue among the stiffened corpses, piled on the floor. Next practiced young military doctors had to dissect dead bodies. Ockin not a little scared of passing surgeons and nurses when they tried to get out of the morgue. After the last injured to recover was not easy. The Lieutenant was seventeen hospitals, restored health on sulphur waters in Kyrgyzstan.

In 1944 he continued his service is already the captain of the guard in the elite division of guards anti–tank brigade of the Reserve Command, was a participant in the formation of the Vistula, the Oder, Nasy.

After the storming of Berlin in a fight with a member of SMERSH, he was nearly demoted and not expelled from the party. Rescued the captain and his co-workers, scouts, prikaatintie to the brig motorcycle. It escaped hockin was able to catch up with his unit, went on the offensive on Prague. To fight Alexei again concussion. So he got to the hospital the First Ukrainian front, located in the hotel “Richmond” in carlsbad. In the clinic of Dr. Zangger he restored the feet and hands, then he continued the treatment of the waters. Health he adjusted so well that Alexei, increasing to the second-in-command of the infantry regiment was again sent to the front. But injuries haunted, and he was drafted as a disabled world war II.

to Survive, to live

After the war, Alexei Ochkin worked in the factory, in parallel studied at school and graduated from Institute of cinematography, realizing its pre-war dream of becoming a film Director.


participated in the creation of the film “the Forty first”. Independently set three paintings. Occin – author of works of “the hamlet”, “Wings of life” and “Old Apple tree”. In his documentary racesthe tale he told about the exploits of a combat friend and “little brother” Vani Fedorov who died a hero’s death in Stalingrad.

Despite the incident in Berlin, the prosecution is not touched Alexei Ochkin, but the star of the Hero he never received. 16 February 2003 the famous soldier did not.

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