Photo: courtesy of the organizers.

Pianist, composer and arranger, the author of the music for the play “the taming of the shrew” (“teatrium na serpukhovke”) mark Groysberg is the author’s program “All forms in life cycle.” The program includes songs, instrumental music album “My unshot films” and Silentium, as well as the loop on the book “the Island of Crimea”, new works.

the Program covers a variety of genre-stylistic layers – from the folklore and romance to rock-n-roll and jazz, from palagano grotesque to the ballad-oratorio, and instrumental pieces with a strong soundrequest.

the Program combined semantic conditionally storyline, which finds expression in the theme, intonation-harmonic and rhythmic arches, roll call, the rhymes. Throughout the program stored the intrigue, the dynamics and balance the level of perception thanks to the bright contrasting layout (up paradoxical) and alternating vocal and instrumental numbers.

Karina Gabrielyan (singer), Ilona Ananyina (vocals)Vadim Benoit (vocals), Sergei Spiridonov (vocals), Dmitry Koltakov (guitar), Roman Zorkin (guitar)mark Groysberg (piano)Oleg Gubanov (piano)Larissa Leonova (violin), Maxim Shirin (drums).

When: 6 February
Where: Chamber hall of MMDM