A Cup of cocoa for almost every child to a good Breakfast. But beware: The cocoa powder is usually almost entirely made of sugar. In total, 20 percent cocoa to come to 80 percent sugar. This is enormous, which is why small children should only rarely in the cocoa drink.

“Öko-Test” has considered the cocoa powder changes a little closer, and 13 products sent to the laboratory. Bought the Tester, just cocoa, with their packaging to children. So, with fun, bright colors, Tiger, lion, Bunny, or bear. “Brazenly” find the Tester, the high levels of sugar.

A matter of taste, Stiftung Warentest examines chocolate: The most expensive falls by Denise Snieguole Wachter A, cocoa is down by

But not everyone cocoa is below. The Bio-Central Biokids cocoa drink, for example, a rating of “Very good”. The ecological and fairtrade, traded, and “very good” in terms of pollutants. The cocoa percentage is 33 per cent, in comparison to many other relatively high.

at Least seven cocoa cut with “well”, the other powders are somewhere in the midfield.

Up to a product that is so negative it is striking that Öko-Test, the lowest grade, “Unsatisfactory” awards: the cocoa from Nestlé Nesquick, the most famous cocoa in the ranks has greatly increased oil content, too much sugar, added vitamins and a lot of Declaration defects. Which cocoa powder is also tested, you will see in the following photo.

The whole Test, you can here for a fee read


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