A 46-year-old Spaniard wanted to enjoy with her husband and 12-year-old son actually, only in the star-Restaurant “the reef” in Valencia, a nice dinner. The food is paid for with your life. Another 15 people showed symptoms of food poisoning after the meal, but started again quickly. The Restaurant is meanwhile closed, investigations are ongoing. What had happened?

It was actually a classic food poisoning, such as the regional health authority confirmed to the newspaper “El Pais”. Already on 17. February, the family was a guest. The first Three suffered from Nausea and diarrhea. The other people that were guests that complained of the same symptoms. Father and son recovered quickly, not so the mother, her symptoms were stronger.

life is in danger: caution! These fungi make blind, to decompose the kidneys, or are deadly poisonous Fullscreen

Pink Rettich-Helmling

Good to know: All of the radish Helmlinge are considered to be slightly toxic, the Pink radish-Helmling, however, contains the highest toxin concentration. The active ingredient is Muscarine leads to blurred vision, salivation. In severe cases, even heart failure. The only glimmer of hope: For life-threatening symptoms you have large amounts of fungus to eat.

©Axel Schmidt, cosmos publishing Are morels reason for the food poisoning?

The first food from the Restaurant were already studied by toxicologists, they could not find anything. On the menu were, for example, Morel mushrooms, if the mushrooms to the death of the woman, can not yet be confirmed. In the dining-Morel, there is a likelihood of confusion with the poison lorchel. The consumption can be fatal. Forensics also deal with the question of whether the woman died of food poisoning or to vomit from choking. The autopsy will clarify these questions.

In a Statement, the owner of the Gourmet temple, announced that the Restaurant will remain closed until the reason for the food poisoning is resolved, and “the activities with full safety for the staff and the guest can be restarted”. He also points out that the Restaurant had complied with all rules of hygiene, has also been shown to the inspection of the health Department. Nevertheless, he wanted to convey, regardless of the cause of his Regret, he hoped that “all the facts will be resolved in the near future”.

source: “El Pais”



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