Ampology: the strangest weapon of the red Army in the Great Patriotic

Weapons 22/02/20 Ampology: the strangest weapon of the red Army in the Great Patriotic

a weapon was not produced during the great Patriotic war. Many of the items experimental or not proven in the battles of long forgotten development specialists. Among the similar types of weapons is a separate ampullae. Rare historian today will tell us exactly what this weapon is, where and how it is applied. At the same time amperometry effectively used throughout the great Patriotic war, including during the defense of Leningrad and the battle of Stalingrad.

Weapon break

this unique product proved by historical standards, short-lived. This type of arms was designed in 1940 at the Moscow plant No. 145 name of S. M. Kirov. The serial production of anuloma did in 1941 called “125 mm ampulae model 1941”. However, factory production continued only until mid-1942. At the same time, despite the highly controversial assessment of the weapons the commanders of the red Army, were used amperometry with a varying degree of effectiveness from 1941 to 1945. The most interesting thing to shoot from several types of ammunition. Officially ambalamedu attached spherical glass ampoules filled with a special incendiary mix of “KS”. According to the soldiers, to extinguish the flames of the ruptured ampoule was almost impossible, the only effective remedy for this was copper sulphate. However, ampoules with an incendiary mix has broken, not always reaching the goal, which was a significant problem when using this weapon during the fighting. Nevertheless, ambalamedu, who was beaten in the 250-500 meters, it was possible with equal efficiency to shoot mines, smoke bombs, or even bundles of propaganda leaflets with the offer to lay down their arms. Ampulae weighed about 30 kg.MOV.

Use in combat

In the calculation of a platoon equipped with ampulheta, consisted of gunner, loader, porters shells and riding a horse to move guns around the battlefield. At the beginning of the great Patriotic war, the red Army was formed special amperometry teams and companies for offensive operations. In the autumn of 1941 the battle-tested this unusual type of weapon was inspected personally Georgy Zhukov. He praised the combat use of ampolletas, which proved to be extremely diverse. In particular, in 1944, published a special decree, prescribing to use amperometry during the storming of pillboxes and bunkers to blind calculations fortified emplacements. Not less effective amulety used as anti-tank weapons, as well as to deter attacks of enemy infantry. Because when you need ampullae could charge even with a bottle of Molotov cocktail in the army this type of weapon is very loved. In the siege of Leningrad artisanal types of ambalamedu produced even from a piece of pipe. Known about the use of ampolletas during the attack of the village Tashirovo in November 1941.

In the same year amperometry successfully destroyed the settlements of German pillboxes in the defense of Sevastopol. In 1942, this kind of weapon proved itself in the fighting on lake Seliger. During the defense of Yeysk platoons of ampelomyces also effectively destroyed military equipment of the Germans.

Despite a wide range of applications of ampolletas, often with their help, “smoked out” of buildings and fortifications, firing points the shooters. The building was set on fire by the ampoules, and when the Germans ran into the street, they were shot from a firearm.

But the most unusual use of ampolletas was shot in the side of the enemy positions in batches of leaflets with the calls to surrender. It was practiced already in 1945. At the same time Western correspondents believed that amperometry were made including shots of the glass ampoulemi with chemical weapons. But this version has not been confirmed.

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