The magic of Disney surrounds children and the elderly, from almost a century ago. Every one of his movies is an excuse to return to childhood, to navigate through the world of dreams and to feel again the illusion is more innocent. Each title contains a narrative captivating, stories filled with colors, no matter where they occur or who plays the lead, reach all viewers. Make a final product, so well crafted is not easy. Since the primary idea, whose origin can be traced back many years ago, there is a huge development work. The collection The art of Disney-Pixar collect all the steps behind the films of the factory of dreams animated, many of them oscarizadas. Each installment is devoted to a title. The first, The art of Coco, arrives on newsstands this Sunday 12.95 euros. The collection, consisting of 15 titles, is also available on the website of Collections of the newspaper.


Chocolate and tequila to honor the departed

The books of The art of Disney-Pixar are presented in a special edition for collectors: large format (27,8 per 23,7 cm), hard cover and 160 pages with graphic material in high quality. The own directors and animators of the films recount the beginnings of each story and its complex development. Not only is exposed to the composition of the narrative, but it presents a study of the creation of the characters and environments, with the original sketches that were used.

this Is a detailed analysis of the creative process that follow the illustrators to get the concept perfect. Among the most difficult challenges that tend to face the animators is to give personality to the protagonists. If you are shy, brave, funny, or grumpy should be expressed not only in what they say, also in their gestures and forms. To reach the definition of their factions, or the movement of your body on the basis of these characteristics form part of the hard work that is reflected in this collection.

The same thing happens with the construction of the scenarios. Disney and Pixar has undertaken large companies to incorporate the cultures and traditions in which stood some of his films. Sometimes it is A matter of a few winks, as in Frozen, the other of a true tribute to a town, as in Vaiana.

The journey through The art of Disney-Pixar allows to see also the evolution of techniques of creation and the limits that it has been overcoming the digitization of the images. As stated in the books, the big leap in this field was with Toy Story, the first film animated entirely by computer. However, this was only one of the challenges that the company faced in regard to the digital transformation, as moving dolls turned out to be quite easy compared to mimic the organic movement of a human being or the wobble of hair when the wind blows. Research in these fields has put Disney at the forefront of the animation.

This exclusive look at the interior of Disney and Pixar is also a tribute to all the people involved in the construction of the films, which create an entire universe from a few simple sketches in pencil. Each has its techniques and features, but they all work in a team orchestrating a unique style in each story. How you do it, the trials and errors, the successes … all of it is contained in the collection The art of Disney-Pixar.


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