last week, during a ceremony held at the National Library a few hours of the opening of the electoral campaign, a head of Acción Cultural Española made something of our founding fathers (talk of yours) and something unbecoming of them (talk about books). On the one hand, with a subtlety that the next day would have scaled to the national Electoral commission hinted that your project deserves to be continued. On the other, said that to understand the Administration and you should read three books: Miau, Galdós; All the names, Jose Saramago; and Bartleby, the writer, Herman Melville.

View the selection, it is as if he said that to understand the human condition needs to read Dracula, but appreciated the reading list because he knows his negotiated better than anyone else. Another who knew that his was precisely Melville. Moby Dick would not exist if its author had not been drafted a year and a half in a whaler. Then, in 1851, he overturned their experiences in the dramatic novelón of captain Ahab. Two years later would compensate for that madness to the open sea with the intimate portrait of an office worker prekafkiano. The false calm after the storm.

According to the philosopher Giorgio Agamben, the two stories are about God. So convinced is that, by appealing to the summa Theologiae of Saint Thomas, says that Moby Dick is a Sum Cetacea. Borges, less scholastic, I was reminded that up to 1920 the great epic of the american was known to be a simple adventure novel, whose theme is loneliness. In fact, this is also the theme of Bartleby. Despite what you claim those who only repeat your iconic response —“I’d rather not do it”— the tasteless scribe is not someone who refuses to work —the first thing that underlines the narrator (your boss) is to commend their hard work— but someone that wants to do it alone.


Pedro Sanchez irritating to the prosecutors to follow his orders on Puigdemont Left, for what?

The white whale of the Spanish policy has always been the absolute majority, a wild beast that no one has seen again and whose mutations don’t happen to be domestic animals as the most enough or strong Government. The problem of a loner as Pedro Sanchez, that nothing is better against the current, is that it has confused the novel: is Ahab trapped in an office. As soon as you return the right book, the better for all. To greater power, greater responsibility: if you put the Medal to the Boldness by the motion of censorship, you have to load in the tab with the stain of the repeat election.

Since resigned to not facilitate the investiture of Mariano Rajoy —our penultimate Bartleby— we know that Sanchez would prefer not to do so. What happens is that if you win on Sunday, something will have to do. If possible, before the blizzard reaches Wall Street (a scenario, by the way, the story of Melville). To remove the boat from the dry dock will have to choose once for all between the shipowners and the crew. And, in the midst of the storm that is coming, try not to sink without resorting to the easy solution: use the harpoon of the labor reform to jettison the weaker ones.


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