Long before opening, there is already queue in the Reina Sofia. Announce an exhibition titled Poetics of the democracy, but our destination is the station of Atocha. On the platform waiting for the train to Huelva (22 stops) that passes through Estremadura. Boots-half-full —the bridge of the Saints— and just fill in Leganés, perhaps to make good that saying about the emigration: “Extremadura two: Móstoles and Alcorcón”. The convoy is diesel because there is no catenary in the whole network and takes four hours to travel the 300 kilometers between Madrid and Caceres. That’s if everything follows the schedule. “It is normal”, says the reviewer, who regrets that only go beyond the cases in which there are faults. “One thirty, especially in the summer. And in stretches of a single road. And, well, in old units”, he shoots using the jargon of the guild.

The guilt —“forgiveness”— the press, which alarm travelers: “just Like in Catalonia. Will not be burning all of it, isn’t it? Is what they teach”. To your side as certifying a traveller —“no independence”— that comes from Miami (Tarragona) and that low to smoke in Talavera, with the permission of the authority because we have some progress. “You see?”, underlines the reviewer, who back the march teaches the respectable older to use the drink machines. Or, better said, the machine: the water does not work. There is No cafeteria.

is falling people to the landing of the Aquarius and the fries, and someone pulls out the theme of choices. The reviewer will go “by if the flies” and the electoral environment is deflated. The same thing happens outside the train as you walk away from the command centers. In a campaign to cut national candidates apply the same criteria that medical emergencies: triage. That is to say, the care given to patients according to their severity, in their case, the autonomous communities with the most deputies in game: 61 in Andalusia, 48 in Catalonia, 37 in Madrid… In Extremadura are chosen 10 and in April the half was carried by the PSOE. It is possible, however, that part of the votes of the capital corresponding to emigrants from extremadura. And are very own. Between Ceclavín —a town of cáceres— and Granollers —city of barcelona—, and by way of umbilical cord, was circulated regularly for years, a bus loaded with grandparents and patatera. Just expand the cemetery first, so busy these days: many of those who were become to be buried where they were born.

At the height of Plasencia appear and disappear at the works of the future AVE, the eternal promise in a land that is apañaría with a couple of Talgos and timely paper in the bathrooms, those little things that aggrandize themselves a democracy. Paul Morand said that one should wait more than a train ticket one of lottery. If you go to Extremadura, the chance is the same in the two cases. We’ll see what gives it a ballot vote. The train arrives in Cáceres with punctuality.


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