The holidays are approaching, the cruise and the anticipation is rising. But then, on the cruise ship, the disillusionment follows: you have booked an aft cabin, after all it was cheaper than the other cabins. That was a mistake, have probably seen a lot of people.

aft cabins on cruise ships – it is better not to

rear cabins are located, as the Name suggests, on the rear part of the cruise ship, at the stern. Often, these cabins cost much less than others. But this also has its reasons – and this could spoil in the Worst Case, even the holidays.

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What many don’t consider at the time of booking the cabins: in the Back, only the sounds of the ship’s screws are to hear much more clearly. In addition, cruise passengers have reported that it stinks in the rear cabins strongly of Diesel. Highly unpleasant for the one who will have to spend in this environment for two weeks.

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A further disadvantage of the tail is not cabins, they often have Windows let alone balconies. In addition, the space of the cabins is very low, and the wave movements are perceived at the back part of the ship stronger than in the middle. So if you want to more relaxation on vacation, the should pay for at least a couple of euros more.



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