Small Brooklyn, NY – Andrea Berg is not the most active at Instagram. The more of this photo jumps into the eye: she posted a photo of herself in a skimpy Mini-dress. And applies with the following message to her Fans: “hi everyone, a thousand thanks for your congratulations on my birthday! I’m also going to enjoy the new year every moment with you, let us no time to lose! Are protected, your Andrea.”

look Love you for this post on Instagram

Hello, thousand thanks for your congratulations on my birthday! I’m also going to enjoy the new year every moment with you, let us no time to lose! Free to play game. are cared for, your, Andrea, #Andrea Berg #mosaic

A contribution to the mountain (@Andrea Berg shared by Andrea officially) on Jan 30, 2019:12: 12 PST

of Course, it is added as a reaction, many more good wishes and belated congratulations. But enthusiastic comments to the photo. Because: Not only the dress is an eye-catcher. The now 53-Year-old lascivious lays the Finger on the lips.

“you look real sharp,” says a Follower. “Wow, what a hot Outfit” is another. “What are you doing just to get such great legs? I’m excited”, “You look great”. Even call a little gentleman-like: “Let the case fall.” This will not make the 53-Year-old today. But once you did it – as the basis of our article from 2013 below.

survey Credits: Helene Fischer: Uwe Zucchi/dpa +++(c) dpa – image radio+++,, Andrea Berg: Jörg Carstensen/dpa +++(c) dpa – image radio+++

did you Know that Andrea Berg once took off? Topless pictures naked today in the network

Our article from 2013:

Andrea Berg – many Fans dream of. The pop singer staged, often sexy, sold millions of records. But what many people don’t know The Bild newspaper has unearthed several years ago, old naked photos of the mountain.

However, this is already 2013, and when they did, all other as-of-date. They are from the year 1990, when you had started your music career. The mountain is clearly visible, even if the photos about 20 years old. Today’s Schlager Queen is posing in a puff of Jeans with a motorcycle.

‘re seeing their bare Breasts. There are, apparently, professionally taken photos – how exactly they are created, remained, at the time, it is unclear how the question of why you are advised to the Public.

BUT: the pictures of the most titillating Posts are made unrecognizable. Who would like to see a mount of bare Breasts, so disappointed.

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Andrea Berg: in the Altogether photos still in the network

The pictures can be found on the Internet barely – and by the way, today is not “uncensored” has been released. The photographed newspaper page, the image of the year 2013, you will find on the Blog who at that time photographed the newspaper side of the image.

So mountain has the sins of your youth! It is by no means the only one. So have appeared over the past few years multiple new Nude photos of Daniela katzenberger.

TV blonde was far ahead of her big career professional Nude shots of herself, in which she is even “below without” to see. Also, for a car manufacturer posed katzenberger parts naked.

bartender from the well-known Munich-based Club is RTL-Star and now shows up at the top without



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