His opponents are warned. Angela Merkel has no intention of linking the future of his government on the outcome of the regional elections that will take place, Sunday, October 28, in Hesse. “We can’t treat each election as regional, as a legislative election in miniature “, said the German chancellor, Tuesday, October 23, on HR-Info, a public radio Frankfurt.

above all, Don’t give the vote Sunday is national in scope : such is the watchword of chancellor angela Merkel, while his party, the christian democratic Union (CDU), is preparing to wipe a backhand history in Hesse. The regional of 2013, the conservatives had collected 38.5% of the vote. In mid-September, they were credited of more than 30 % of voting intentions. In the latest polls, they are no longer given as 26 %.

Fifteen days after the very poor score obtained by its allies in the social christian Union (CSU) in Bavaria (37,2 %, 10.5 percentage points less than in 2013), Ms. Merkel knows that she has everything to fear of the outcome of Sunday. In Bavaria, after all, it is a CSU very “rebellious” vis-à-vis the chancellor and his policy, which was sanctioned by the voters. In Hesse, on the contrary, the supporters of Ms. Merkel will not be able to impute to others the decline of the CDU, all the more that the head of the regional list, Volker Bouffier, who heads the regional executive since 2010, is a loyal to the chancellor.

Promise to the owners of diesel vehicles

Aware of the issue, it has also decided to get involved very directly in the campaign, by participating, to the sides of Mr Bouffier, not less than four meetings in four days. In order to convince voters to vote for the CDU, Mrs. Merkel has also committed to do everything to prevent that does not apply the decision of the administrative court of Wiesbaden, delivered on 5 September, which…


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