Approximately 45 million male Chicks, Chicks so-called Brother, to be killed, operated Put every year in German. Because they come from chickens to farms that are designed for the production of eggs. Because they do not recognise as the offspring of laying hens as much meat as specifically for meat production bred chickens for fattening, they are smothered most in accordance with the Hatch and then shredded. Researchers at the University of Leipzig have developed in the past years a method to make the Killing of the brother Chicks superfluous. The first eggs of this species can now be in 223 Berlin super markets bought until the end of 2019, it should give you all of 5,500 supermarkets.

The University of Leipzig developed procedure was a novelty, a world and a breakthrough in the way to stop the mass Killing of male Chicks, said Federal agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner (CDU). The sex will be recognized in front of the Hatch in the Egg. With a Laser a tiny hole in the shell is burned. So it can be extracted from the Egg fluid, which is tested on sex hormones. Male Chicks do not hatch so that all your eggs are processed into animal feed. The method is not ready for production, so it can be used in all hatcheries.

The eggs will not say so a little more expensive

when this could be so far, wanted to Klöckner. It is not clear whether the companies would be obliged to use the new method. First of all, the Minister wants to rely on a “voluntary obligation”. “If hatcheries to say, we don’t care, we come to a different legal evaluation of the matter,” she said.

For the hatcheries, no additional costs should arise, announced that the provider of the procedure. Instead, they require the commercial license fee. Thus, eggs from laying hens that were bred with the new method, a bit more expensive. The six-pack would cost ten cents more than a six-pack of free-range eggs, said Jan Kunath, the Deputy Chairman of the Board of the Rewe group, in addition to the Discounter Penny, the eggs in the offer.

farmer’s Association welcomes the process

The poultry economy was skeptical of the new process. “It is our total commitment to you as fast as is Chicks possible exit from the Killing of male day-old, as soon as a real Alternative exists,” said the Association. The System had to be practical and faster than previously planned. The farmers ‘ Association welcomed the initiative: “These procedures should be made a practice of Mature and in widespread use in all hatcheries are used,” said Secretary-General Bernhard Krüsken.

Animal protectionists and animal rights activists against the Screening of male Chicks are not useful. “The breeding is not a solution in the sense of a responsible animal, because hens must also continue to provide the highest performance,” said the Federal environment and nature conservation (BUND). The poultry industry needs to be changed, that chickens are suitable both for eggs and for meat production. Then the male Chicks could be reared and their meat is marketed.

you can now buy the eggs from hatcheries, where both female and male Chicks reared. The so-called brother rooster eggs are more expensive, and therefore, according to the trade is not suitable for mass production.


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