cancer provides people with existential challenges: First of all, it is a question of Survival, but later on, you have to be with a new Situation – for example, if someone has experienced his work as fulfilling and you can no longer perform after the disease. Alexander’s Wish, psycho-oncologist and head of the psychosocial cancer counselling centre at the University clinic of Freiburg, supported patients in this situation, to remain emotionally stable.

TIME Doctor: Why it fails many patients, so the soul, if you do not, or only to a limited extent be able to pursue your profession?

Alexander Wish: There are also those who are glad, that you no longer have to work. But we live in a society in which we define our self-worth, often about productivity. Every year, three per cent more, faster, more effective: This attitude characterizes our work lives and body image. A Patient who is not as powerful, but it is a measure of how it was before, it is difficult.

Alexander Wish

helps patients to develop new priorities

the TIME Doctor: What is a smarter strategy would be?

make a Wish: to look, For example, as it was a a week ago, three weeks ago or three months ago – since it is easier to see what has already been done. Some suffer much, because they are ashamed. A Patient of mine is between nine and 17 at even out of the house, because neighbors or people in the supermarket would be able to see that he is now due for retirement.

So cancer patients in the re-entry into the profession is able to manage cancer patients in re-entering the profession

The way back to the Job: working with cancer, and find more points of contact.

be careful: How to find a cancer, the Balance between professional demands and self-care.

step-by-step: The most Affected want to go back to your old job. What you need to do and when? A guide

poverty risk of cancer: How the state and the world of work, many cancer survivors.

Good work!: If companies support their employees after a prolonged downtime, helps all parties Involved. An example

“It is important to mourn”: to no longer work can be an emotional loss. What insights will help? A psycho-oncologist is the Council.

no, thank you! Yes, please! What bosses and colleagues do – and better.


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