Mr Schäuble, have you digested the Hamburg CDU party Congress?

I had nothing to digest. The party was good. There were three good candidates. So there was a good result.

… with the choice of Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer was not so quite in your senses. Aren’t you disappointed?

I have supported Friedrich Merz. But I’ve done enough sports to know that you can’t always win. Now rest is to come.

What was it?

What am I supposed to run now causes research? The result was so close that you can’t say that at all clearly. I don’t like these backward-looking debates. Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer is selected. You must now see that they revived the party and come back stronger to take. That was a point, which is why Mrs Merkel did not want to run in the fall for the party presidency.

Was the defeat of Friedrich Merz also your defeat?

It’s not me, if that’s what you mean. Anyway, I didn’t win. But now it is also good. Each additional Nachkarten is harmful.

Why doesn’t the CDU to rest?

This is also on some media. You ask me now, however. Therefore, once again, The Congress has decided.

you do not have to tell us, but your party friends, who are now calling for everything Possible for Merz: He should get a Ministerial post or the top candidate in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

that’s Exactly what I’m doing. You must compile the Interview only all CDU members.


“Every additional Nachkarten is harmful“

©Hermann Bredehorst/Polaris/Laif

do you Have advice to Friedrich Merz? Should he contribute more in the CDU?

If I give him advice, certainly not concerning Interviews. I’m friends with him personally. And besides, he has said that he is ready for it.

What do women Kramp-karrenbauer, the party to a?

The most Important thing is that she gets along with Angela Merkel. The Situation is not new, we have had yet. Each of the two must fulfill their role well. And then the political debate has to be conducted again in the middle of Alternatives. The do not need to be so attractive that the edges are getting stronger. The Grand coalition is not the optimal solution – it was all so clear. But this Grand coalition must now govern for three years. We should not do that constantly with new speculation on when it ends.

it Can succeed in the ACC, the AfD her?

I am very confident. Provided the Alternatives are in the center visible again. Mrs. Kramp-Karrenbauer has since, as chair of the largest party in Germany has a special responsibility.

How fast you should resort to the Power in the Federal government?

The Chancellor is elected for the duration of a parliamentary term. The question of the candidacy for Chancellor is not now.

But the party Chairman has the first access right?

access right? I don’t like this die-cut formulations! You will communicate at any given time.

We summarize The formulation of the “Merz? Table over” is not you on the lips.

My English is characterized, as in the Rest of my English – by an Alemannic dialect. I used the phrase, but only when deadlines threaten to expire. And I’ve never had a doubt in my mind that Friedrich Merz is willing to engage in the CDU for this democracy. And I don’t have it in the future.

Takes evil Angela Merkel, your partisanship for Friedrich Merz?

Why should you? You know that we are friends. And, Yes, in the party, many of a different opinion than me, otherwise Friedrich Merz had a majority. I read somewhere that I shouldn’t have to say my opinion – that, however, I found rather far-fetched.


New roles of the CDU: Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer at the party conference, the tone – to the delight of her predecessor, Angela Merkel, who leaves the stage

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a premature end to the Grand coalition Would be Best for the country?

no. A stable government is Best for the country – including a lively parliamentary debate.

but There’s a lot of internal resistance in this coalition. New elections would not be the more honest way?

All the politicians who have been elected for this term, also wanted to be chosen – you will not be selected against his will. The election also means a special obligation. And the basic law has set out, with good reason, from the experience of Weimar a term of four years.

you know the saying “there is A time”…

I am a Christian. To do this, I don’t have to scroll only in the Bible.

it also Applies to Angela Merkel?

of Course. You said so yourself. It has an exceptionally long and successful time. But that is some time to end in my life – but that has nothing to do with a judgment about its chancellorship. And the end is still almost three years away.

As it was at the Hamburg Congress of the party to Merkel’s speech a standing ovation, have you stopped early with the Clapping. Was not you then?

Since you interpret to much into it. The degree of my acceptance of a speech is not measured by the duration of my applause. You can watch me on party days for 20 years. Long Clapping is exhausting me. I am now 76, you may not forget.

What was Merkel’s greatest achievement as a party leader?

she led the party out of an existential crisis. And she has kept them stable in times in which parties are everywhere under tremendous pressure. This is a great performance, you can’t talk at all small. You must look only to France, and Emmanuel Macron, in order to register what it means to have in times of crisis, no stable party.

in 2018, a wasted year?

The people doing well, despite all the problems we have. You are right the Bible are obviously fixed, I wouldn’t take the years that are given to us by many as a mistake. But there were also disappointments, for example the early exit of our national team at the FIFA world Cup in Russia.

it Was an unstable year?

We have a tremendously high pace of profound changes. We live in a time in which the world order in deto r we are, the end. And this is not only in the political and stylistic changes in Washington that will pass. We no longer live simply in a Western-dominated world. We don’t have to do anything, that the great achievements of human rights, democracy, the rule of law, social justice, civil rights lost. All of this is on the game. And the dramatic development in the ecological issues. Man tends, when he knows no bounds to destroy, by Exaggeration, the Best.

there Is such a thing as the biggest failure of the past year, the 2019 urgently needs to be tackled?

We had one and a quarter years, elections to the Bundestag. We have taken a long time, until we have formed a government. After that, we have not employed us to have a special skill. The summer was overshadowed by the even in retrospect, difficult-to-follow discussion between the CDU and the CSU, the policy on refugees. And finally, Angela Merkel’s announcement in October not to run again as party Chairman has a bound, once more forces. Therefore, my wish for 2019, that we should concentrate on the topics have been chosen for the we. We are not chosen to lead discussions. This is just for self-satisfaction.

you want a little bit of peace in politics?

not at All. I wish for concentration on the matter. Not so much peace. We need to lead the discussion of the policy Alternatives passionately. We can and exciting debates need to lead, how to organise European solidarity, how we organise transport, how do we preserve the great achievement of the freedom rights in the digital age. Since we are still at the beginning.

you Have to worry that a discount could be the end of economic the next surge of water on the mills of the AfD?

no, I don’t think so. In addition, the economic prospects are not exercises in spite of some Setbacks bad. We were rather in danger of Overheating. After the unusually long growth phase, a certain cooling is coming, is normal. The art will be to make sure that it is no crash.

it Is politically wise not to let the candidates of the AfD for the office of Deputy permanent fall in?

I don’t have the rate. Everyone who is to come into the Presidium of the German Bundestag, must be elected by secret ballot by the majority of members. The secret ballot is to ensure that no one can be put under pressure. Many of my colleagues say after this year, and their experiences with the AfD, I choose the or not, you have to respect that. This is the freedom of the members.

the AfD has changed in the Parliament?

The debates have become a bit entertaining, but not in the AfD, but mainly due to the fact that we have six groups, two more. The speech times are shorter, which makes the debates more lively. And for border crossings, there are rules of procedure, which applies to all equal. But basically, I wish that in the Bundestag as vividly as possible the democratic discussion and the variety of interests and opinions are represented. We have also made the government survey of a piece of far more exciting.

In the Union, there was long resistance to the Chancellor’s question.

The concern I have never understood.

Would you spark a do it yourself time in between?

I wished for this office, and I feel in this role very well. Since you have to take back just a bit.

you have no scars, because they had to bite on the tongue?

no. But the formal Would is not my strongest side, because you are absolutely right. In this respect, I need to learn, occasionally, even on my old days, my parents at a young age to teach tried: You don’t have to always give all your comment.

you Think sometimes, if you look from your President place in the plenary on the down: the decline of political culture is a visit to?

on The contrary. I am constantly impressed by the level of competence and reasoning power to bring the members, especially on issues that do not determine continuously the Headings.

one Can also understand it as: not so bad, that the AfD sits in the Bundestag, because the attitude of their constituents as represented?

no. You are not allowed to interpret me. The AfD is selected, so I have to respect the President. But as President, I am also not a political neuter. And as a politician s sorry’to me that so many think they have good reasons your voting for this party. I would convince everyone that you choose a lot better with the other party. I could recommend you.

The SPD?

I thought now, although the social Democrats have also need it. Seriously: For the stability of our political system, the stability of relatively large people’s parties is also very important.

it Needs the SPD as a people’s party?

We are always in need of a party that is strong enough to make a proper opposition politics – good government party we have with the Union.

Is 2019, a year of destiny for Europe, or is that exaggerated?

Every year is a year of destiny. But 2019 is due to the European elections, a very special. The big question is: to Win the Euro-critical forces even stronger inflow than in the last Parliament? This must be avoided at all costs.

We have listed a few additional problems. You still believe in a regulated Brexit?

I early said, at some point the British will come back in the EU. Meanwhile, the fronts in the UK are so hardened, that’s the Deal – we leave it Essentially as it is, and a bit of gain – time is the best possible solution. Otherwise, I’m not making any predictions for British decisions. This is difficult for me already in Germany.

do you Believe in a Macrons?

Yes. It also needs to go relatively quickly. We need a strong France. Spain has problems, trying to solve the Catalan question is not quite so. We see the huge problems in Italy.

you Believe in a course of consolidation?

I hope it is. The Italians have always drawn the necessary consequences, if you viewed haben, that must be it. Europe will do everything it can to help Italy. But Italy is unable to take the decision, as it is gaining its competitiveness.

there Is actually a country in the EU, it makes you hope?

I am not so pessimistic. We also suffer from a high level, at least in Western Europe.

what are your personal resolutions for the year 2019?

Ambitious! I want to strengthen as one of the oldest and as a long-served member of the Bundestag in this challenging time for democracy.

And in case of new elections …

… you don’t need more coaxing. I’m not only against the extension of the parliamentary term, I am against early elections.


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