Deficient – the judgment of the financial test with”! Six!” translate. Of faulty products it is necessary to leave the Finger. And this verdict applies to nearly half of all buildings insurance policies, which have been tested by the financial test. In fact, a shocking insurance gap leads to the devaluation.

A disaster happens quickly

imagine the following Situation: In Christmas time, the candles burning on the advent wreath. Then the doorbell rings, the family stands in front of the door. In the hustle and bustle of the candles are not forgotten, you supervision longer. The wreath catches fire, the house burns down.

luckily, you have a residential building insurance, which covers fire damage – that’s what you think. But in fact, you can be accused of many insurance companies, “gross negligence” and the compensation payments are massively reduced. And gross negligence within the meaning of the insurance acts quickly. It goes like this: you connect a electrical device incorrectly, resulting in a cable fire. Let the bath water and forget the inflowing water, because you are on the phone. Then they stay on the existence of damage threatening to sit. It comes to damage, you have only half a house.

Every property owner should therefore review its policy on the issue of “gross negligence”. This case is not covered fully, he should cancel the insurance. to find

42 very good insurance

A better insurance, is not impossible. The table of the financial test lists 42 “very good” insurance. Including only insurance companies that offer a good protection against the most damage – and not just the obvious such as lightning or fire. Against what damage you should be necessarily insured, reveals to you the route of our photo.

Unfortunately, the choice of the right insurance is not as easy. You can’t just take the test winner or the price-performance winner, and that was it. Depending on the location of the house and the individual circumstances benefits may be extremely important or completely irrelevant. In the case of high trees, you should pay attention to a good protection, which also includes ancillary costs such as the disposal of a fallen tree. There are only shrubs and hedge are not of such clauses is important. Similarly, in the case of elemental damage, and the protection of a solar system.

another important point is the price of insurance coverage. In General, the “very good” insurance are also expensive, says the “financial test”. But even among these Offers, there are huge differences. Unfortunately, the prices for the customers is difficult. There is a reason why you can’t get a meaningful insurance calculator for residential buildings in the network. “Financial test,” announced the prices for fictitious pattern real estate. These data give a good guidance.

A building with expensive location, which also includes elemental damage, and costs in an expensive Fare and proud 1150 euros in the year, the HDI takes for your Premium-rate – he was also rated “very good” – less than half of: He costs only 559 euros.

Huge price differences

The recommendation is therefore: In the case of the insurance companies offering the required protection, from four competitive suppliers to make an offer. to experience

any nasty surprises in the event of damage, you should heed a tip of the financial tester: calculates the value of the property due to the fictitious Bauwerts of 1914, should not be left to the calculation of the insurer, in order to avoid under-insurance of the building. The value is set too low, payments are reduced accordingly.

The full Test is available for a fee


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