introduced When Steve Jobs presented the first iPhone, nobody would have thought that it would be by far the most important product of the group. However, in recent years, Apple’s money printing machine has lost momentum, the iPhone has its most successful days behind. No wonder that CEO Tim Cook already tried longer to reduce Apple’s dependence on iPhone. Now it has submitted to the group, the latest quarterly figures. And to make the chief pretty good mood.

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With a turnover of 53.8 billion dollars, Apple has taken between April and June as much as never before in a third quarter. More importantly, The iPhone has contributed for the first Time in years, less than half. “Only” 26 billion dollars of Apple’s most important product. The growth in profits comes from the other divisions.

The strategy goes on

the Fact Cook had been working with for years. Although the gains in Mac and iPad are worthy of attention, is likely to make him happy, especially the rates of growth in two areas: The Wearables and Home division, which includes the Apple Watch, the popular Airpods and the Homepod, could increase by 50 percent, it now accounts for 12 percent of sales.

there is Still division, but more important is the Service. With Offerings such as iCloud, the App Store and iTunes, Apple was able to take a whopping 11.5 billion dollars. A good quarter of the revenue comes from the Service business. The are several good messages. The Services division has, in contrast to the hardware development significantly less cost, the profit is very high. Secondly, Apple has a lot of potential for growth.

Apple Pay will be used now for a billion payments per day, the number service is to be obtained according to the Cook on the way, a competitor to Paypal. And: Apple TV+ Apple has holes with an EN-Streaming-offer another source of revenue in the start-up. In the for Cooks to a change of strategy ever-growing Service-saved a lot of air is so still to the top. The once-stated goal, with the division up to 2024 50 billion dollars a year to take, could be achieved much earlier.

The Smartphone market is shrinking

This news could hardly come at a better time. The Smartphone business has achieved in the last months of a Plateau, almost all manufacturers report declining Numbers. Samsung is still by far the number one in the market, broke the revenue in the mobile division to stark 42 percent. Apple was able to increase compared to the previous year, which would, however, lie mainly to the higher average price of the current iPhone models. How many models are sold, no longer reveals Apple for some time.

For the next quarter, Apple is very optimistic: Between 61 and 64 billion dollars in revenue, the group expects for the year ending in September last quarter of 2019. You may be curious as to how much of it will make up the iPhone.

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