Many consumers find it annoying to have to deal with privacy issues: Yes, for sure, kind of important, but also kind of awkward. Apple CEO Tim Cook, however, it is different: there is hardly an issue, he argues, the most passionate in the protection of private data.

What also has to do with the fact that his company marketed as an Advocate of the user, it would never come to the idea to need the data of the own users or to sell. Because the appearance fits to the 40. International conference of data protection commissioners in Brussels, well, actually, a rather dull conference for experts. On Wednesday but Cook to speak there.

He was grateful for this opportunity, said Cook in a pre-interview with the MIRROR in Berlin. For Apple, the issue is extremely important. Company co-founder Steve Jobs have spoken “in the days of the first Internet boom about this subject and it is clearly defined. This is where we come from.” Privacy is a core principle on which all developments of the company would be guided.

In his Keynote on Wednesday, Cook is, therefore, the General data protection regulation (DSGVO ) praise. The European right to work “is an example of how good principles and political will come together to defend our rights”.

An Audi and a BMW

the differences between the United States and Germany with regard to the perception and weighting of data protection is addressed, said Cook, he believe that “Germans are in General of the importance of data protection and privacy aware”. This is due to the “partially historical.” In addition, many people will “increasingly aware that this topic relates to you personally and not just other”.

In the United States still looks different. With a simple Google-search to services list the year of income, the educational background and, for example, the fleet of vehicles of almost every citizen. About Tim Cook so effortlessly, his occupation, party preference, beliefs, and educational background. Even two car purchases, an Audi A5 and a BMW is the six series are listed.

One of the most important topics of the century

From a data protection according to German standards this is far away. The change, however, are just so Cook: He’ll have “a growing interest in this topic in the USA”. Without that, he pronounce it, it acts like a reference to the scandal about the illegal use of Facebook user data by the company Cambridge Analytica and the associated attempted Manipulation of the U.S. presidential election campaign.

With increasing interest, alone it will not, however, remain: “data protection and privacy will be implemented in all countries of the world a hot topic. I think this complex is one of the two or three most important issues of this century.”

The hackers a step ahead

For Apple, the company boss looks, apparently no problems. You are not interested, only not for the data of Apple users, because you earn no money. Instead, Apple have made a conscious decision to make the protection of privacy is a fundamental value of the company: “Our business models are derived from these basic values, and Vice versa,” says Cook.

Apple can afford to have this Position, of course, also easily. The biggest sources of revenue for the company is still the iPhone and Hardware products, such as iMacs and MacBooks. Although the share of services such as the App Store, iCloud and iTunes, but the temptation to whitewashing, sugar-coating the already huge revenue from the Hardware business with data Deals, is likely to be low. Apple lives by its reputation, to not do something.

For the group, it remains a challenge to ensure the security of user data, which he has, at all. The need to improve its security measures constantly, said Cook. “The ability of criminal hackers, so professionals, for the Business, are highly developed. You have to be always one step ahead, otherwise you will be hacked.” Therefore, why not let others know Apple’s regular software updates. And this is why it’s so important to install these Updates.

DSGVO – easy privacy policy explains basic regulation of What the new EU rules for citizens


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