I Train in the correct area? How high is the pulse at Kilometer three? And when I run the best? What tortured once only professional athletes, with the rise of the digital Fitness-measuring devices, also for Hobby athletes. With the Vantage V Polar has just introduced his best sport watch (here you will find our Test). However, as it fails in comparison to the Apple Watch?

of Course the comparison is a bit wrong: While the Apple Watch (starting at about 430 euros) for a Smartwatch that also has Fitness features, the Vantage V (from 420 euros) a genuine sports watch. In addition, she also works with Android Smartphones and, theoretically, even without the Smartphone, if the data are read out with a Computer. In the case of the Apple Watch, an additional iPhone on the other hand is always required. Nevertheless, many potential buyers will ask themselves, what is suitable of the watch is better for you. Here, you will learn it.

Test it even calls the emergency doctor, Apple Watch Series 4 in the Test: This watch steals the iPhone on the Show By Christoph Fröhlich function against a Fashion Statement

The differences start already in the Design. While the Vantage V buttons despite the touch screen and five Function clear on the Design of a classic watch is the Apple Watch more of a small Display on the wrist. In spite of the relatively massive housing the Polar clock disappears in everyday life, rather, is less of a looker than the Apple Watch. That Apple Watch wearers can combine your watch with colorful bracelets, even better, to the Outfit, to match. The Apple Watch is clearly more a fashion statement.

That also has its practical reasons. Owner of a Apple Watch will look in everyday life significantly more often on the wrist. E-Mails, WhatsApp messages, appointments, and other notifications popping up constantly and demand attention. The Polar watch does not offer these Features. In everyday life it is simply a timepiece.

sports Star

suddenly changes, if you start with the Sport. While the Apple Watch only supports 14 selected sports, Polar watch, around 130 pre-installed sport profiles – from aerobics to circuit training. While the Apple Watch only measures pulse, calories burned, distance, and height differences, the Vantage still, other data such as the estimated fat-burning, as well as the live power measured in watts. The latter, especially, is useful: So you can adapt your performance to the training goal, for example, when interval Training, or if a very uniform load is required.

conversation with Tim Cook, Apple CEO: “We don’t want that people use our products too much,” Christoph Fröhlich

The deviations differed in a comparison test when you Run. In the case of calorie burning and heart rate, the watch only showed a small difference, in addition, the Polar dimension at a three-kilometre run, about twenty meters distance, more distance than the Apple Watch. In the evaluation of the App, however, offers a significantly more extensive data about how long it was exactly what the power range. Also, the speed of analysis is considerably more sophisticated. While the Apple Watch shows only the elapsed time for each km, you can break down in the Polar App exactly when it was, how fast, and even gets broken down, how many minutes you could keep pace.

For most Amateur athletes are not likely to be this information is a nice bonus, but they are required. They are primarily intended for professionals or very serious Amateurs such as triathletes who want to evaluate your Training as closely as possible. The Apple Watch supplied measurements should be sufficient for most users.

Kayla Itsines I have made a Bikini-Workout with a Instagram-Star – after that, everything did me 3 days to hurt the smart features or battery life

Polars restraint on the part of smart functions by the way has a very distinct advantage: Forty hours of training time Polar promises. In pure watch mode, the battery was also moved after nearly a week of hardly. Of which Apple can only dream Fans only. The Apple Watch has to go in everyday life, usually after two days to the cable, with long training can still be faster.

Who do sports on the phone, but you still can want to be, in the case of the Apple Watch with LTE. You can also make calls without iPhone, send SMS messages and even stream music. The regular Apple Watch can headphones together with Bluetooth-head, after all, still the music stored play, and makes it possible to leave the MP3 Player at home.

A special feature of the Apple watch to the payment service Apple Pay is also. He allows it in almost any store or Restaurant that supports contact-less Pay to pay directly with the Apple Watch. So if you want to buy the Training quickly a bottle of water, they can do without a wallet. However, this only applies if your Bank supports it. Here, you will learn everything you need to know about Apple Pay.

conclusion: this is a professional tool against everyday help

Who fluctuates between the two watches, one should, first of all, for own use. You want to train regularly and intensively, and an extensive analysis of the training, you have to Polar Vantage V hardly. It drives only occasionally Sport, it is oversized simply. The Apple Watch provides notifications on the wrist and Apple Pay in a much higher added value. You can do both on the intensive analysis and Smart features, you should look at possibly a cheaper sports watch. About the Vantage M, which costs just 230 Euro.

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