It’s only been a few months that Apple brought with the iPhone Xs, Xs, Max and Xr, and three new models in the commercial. But behind the Scenes is, of course, crafted long ago to the followers – and the rumors-kitchen runs according to months before the idea hot. We reveal what you believe you already know about the iPhones 2019.

iPhone, 2019: All good things are three

the rumor mill is After Apple in 2017 presented for the first Time, three iPhones and also 2018 remained a Trio, sure: this year will be presented with three new iPhones. It is considered that there will be a cheaper iPhone with a 6.1 inch diagonal display as the successor to the iPhone Xr, as well as two better-equipped top models in to 5.85, respectively, 6.46 inch.

the display Changes to. Even the cheap model has a OLED-screen is this time. Apple should put a new technology in which the touch screen is directly with the Display. So far, there were two layers behind the glass. For Apple, the new structure has two advantages: firstly, the production is reported to be cheaper, on the other, the new Display is also much thinner. The new iPhones may be slimmer than the current models. The goods become compared to the iPhone 6 a little thicker.

iPhone, 2019: New Design?

The Design is little known. Itself stands after Apple’s two-year-rhythm is a bigger Redesign, however, Apple had dispensed with the iPhone 7 on major Changes. Despite speculation that Apple might use in the Design of the new iPad, there have been a few credible reports in this direction. Exciting also a Patent of the group is: Apple has thought about a ceramic back, which could then be implemented in a variety of colors. Ceramic compared to the current glass back with a clear advantage: The Material is significantly stronger.

A further technical Innovation, which is likely to change the Look of: Apple, it should be managed to allow the Sensors to disappearance of Face ID partially behind the Display. As a result, the notch in the Display to shrink the so – called Notch – something. Other Smartphone manufacturers have already almost completely disappear. The first images, which were designed on the Basis of rumors, you will find in the attached Tweet.

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iPhone, 2019: Three cameras

A real innovation is in the camera. As Huawei in this year, the upcoming iPhone should bring, for the first time three lenses on the back. What the iPhone will use this exactly, but it is not yet known. According to reports, the Sony root ends of the lenses to allow photography in 3D. In the case of Huawei’s flagship models the three compartment camera allows a stronger optical Zoom. Anyone who appreciates the more compact housing of the iPhone Xs, but is likely to be disappointed: The triple lens should remain the big model to change. After Apple bought them last Time for both models, the same point-and-Shoot, that would be a step backwards.

An old pigtail, the cut Apple this year, is 3D Touch. With the iPhone 6s imported technology was already on the iPhone-Xr, now the more expensive models will do without the firm pressure on the Display. Instead, you have to hold the screen now is simply pressed in.


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