In Mainz, Germany, is the construction of a mass grave from the 19th century. Century have been discovered. How many Dead were buried there, was unclear, said Jens Dolata from the Directorate General for Cultural heritage Rhineland-Palatinate. There are several 100 could be, “maybe even 1,000”. By an excavator, numerous skeletons had been destroyed. “There are thousands of individual bones lie now to the part,” said Dolata.

The mass grave could have come first according to research, in the year 1813. At that time, the city was affected by grass exhilarating typhoid fever. Thousands of the infectious disease claimed the lives of both civilians and French soldiers who occupied the city at this time. “The cemeteries were not enough – so mass graves were dug,” said Dolata.

How to do it on the site of the shooting range of a shooting club now, is unclear. It would be impossible to put hundreds of corpses in the Mainz city umzubetten. Therefore, Dolata pleaded to not let the intact skeletons on the spot, to disturb the peace of the Dead.

In the coming week, together with the site management advise. “I’m going to assume that there are in the district of further mass graves,” said Dolata. Mainz is in archaeology, especially for the numerous archaeological excavations from the Roman period known.


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