Holla, what a device! ARD presenter Julia Scharf (38) reported currently from the Slalom world Cup in Wengen. During their reporting, they impressed the spectators with a special tool on Instagram for enthusiasm.

ARD-presenter Julia Sharp in Wengen, not only in the Slalom world Cup in use

you Know the lady that took care of the football world Cup in Russia last year, with a mosquito-protection-Outfit a stir? This is the German TV presenter Julia Sharp. The ARD broadcaster, in the upper Bavarian Zorneding grew up, studied sports, media and communication Sciences at the TU München. After you was for the SWR in use, it went for you in the sports show (ARD) and the BR TV (including the view point of sports). Since the beginning of this year, it belongs to the moderator team of the night, look at the BR TV.

+ presenter Julia Scharf had to fight in the soccer world Cup in Russia with mosquitoes.© ARD (Screenshot)

According to the BR the 38 moderated-Year-old in your career so that at the Olympic Games in Sochi in 2014 and football world Cup 2018. In the case of the Latter, presenter Julia had to fight Sharply with prejudice. Currently, the mother of two, Julia is Sharp at the Slalom world Cup in Wengen, where the ARD presenter made with a special accessory.

ARD-presenter Julia shows departs Sharp at the Slalom world Cup large cannon

Instead of protecting this Time with a tropical helmet, brings the ARD presenter Julia Scharf during the Slalom world Cup in Wengen, heavy equipment. In the television and on their instagram channel, it presents in the winter outfit at work with a huge drill. Julia Sharp shows the viewers with the Mega-drill in Hand, as the rods for the Lauberhorn race in the snow. In the cold for ever the heavy guns must be opened.

check out this post on Instagram

Slalom Baby! 10 am at the First @sportschau @wengen.swiss @Lauberhorn race @dsv_alpin @fisalpine

A post shared by Julia Sharp (@juliascharf_sport) on Jan 20, 2019 12:39 PST

your Followers seems to be the sight to enjoy visually. You write with enthusiasm the Instagram Post, “come on girl”, “What is a drill… You can also all Julia to wear. Beautiful as always…” and “Now you finally know what makes a Reporter, so before the Transfer…. The Slalom poles.“.

of Course, some could not resist the beautiful presentation of the giant drill and the double-find also supposedly deutigere comments under the Post: “Since you bring each rod to stand on.”. In addition, the ARD is expected to see presenter Julia Sharp but probably, consider the importance of the huge drill for such an event. Just very popular: Dancing on Ice-shock! Sarah Lombardi is crying and makes intimate confession.


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