As deserters of the Wehrmacht fought for the Soviet partisans

History 01/03/20 As deserters of the Wehrmacht fought for the Soviet partisans

Not all Wehrmacht soldiers wanted to fight and die for the extravagant plans of Hitler and the top Nazi party. Some of them voluntarily surrendered, and someone who deserted and joined partisan forces and fought against their former colleagues. The transfer of Germans to the Soviet people’s Avengers were not widespread, but in the archives there are some stories about these people.

Fritz Schmenkel guerrillas Ivan Ivanovich

the Most famous German deserter who had joined the partisans and was corporal Fritz Hans Senkel. Father Hans was a Communist and in 1923 was killed in a fight with the Nazis. For refusing to go to war to serve in the Wehrmacht received a prison sentence, and after Germany attacked the Soviet Union agreed to participate in the war. In the autumn of 1941, Menkel deserted and wanted to get into the Red Army.

When you go to the front line he was detained by the guerrillas and in the winter of 1942 the Germans took the unit “Death to fascism”. The soldiers gave his German colleague a nickname “Ivan Ivanovich”. First Spencely didn’t trust but after he personally killed a German soldier gave him arms.

In may 1942, the partisans faced the enemy tanks and began to depart. Ivan advised the commander to shoot at the fixed to the technique of a barrel of fuel. During the battle, a detachment burned 5 German armored vehicles.

Gradually, the Hans as a skilled and a good fighter began to enjoy a reputation among partisans. He taught them to use captured weapons, and one day, disguised in the uniform of a Wehrmacht General, trapped the German convoy with ammunition and provisions. During the encirclement of the guerrillas punitive, Ivan for two weeks together with a detachment fought off his pursuers and after a month, when it is all buried frostbitten and exhausted he found his.

Occupyinge power, knowing that fighting against them is a deserter, promised the head of Menkes locals private home, almost 10 acres of land and a cow, and German soldiers, 25 thousand stamps and a two-month vacation.

In December 1943, Ivan Ivanovich for commando operations sent to the front line, but in January he was arrested and shot in Minsk. In the last letter he wrote: “I’m Sorry for the trouble that I have caused to all those that end up going along the chosen path. But I’m not abandoning my Affairs and in the last hours of my life. Meet your death I’m going safely, because I’m dying for a good cause”.

In 1961, the KGB officers found evidence that the detachment under the command of Fritz Smangele completely destroyed the large Union of policemen. For all the military services in 1964, Ivan Ivanovich was awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union. During the war he received the order of the red banner.

unsung heroes

to eliminate the guerrilla group Sergey Grishin in the spring of 1943 the Germans had in the forests of Belarus major military operation. During questioning, several members of the compound revealed that in the winter they were joined by one of the Gypsies, two hundred Ukrainians deserters, who served in the Wehrmacht and German soldiers who deserted and were captured near the village of Pegs.

the Germans called Fyodor, he was 19 years old, and he wore on his head a white fur hat with a red star. In one of the raids, he volunteered to shoot himself caught in the hands of the Avengers guard the captured soldiers. From the words of partisans fought the Germans heroically, and to find out his real name and failed. Another deserter named Frederick Rosenberg, or Rosenholtz fought in a cavalry unit, but his partisans did not trust.

In the book of military translator S. M. Wernicke described in 1943 in the Belarusian town of Ostryna the author met an Austrian from Vienna, whose name was Kurt, and fought on the side of the guerrillas. In 1934 he, being a 10 year old boy during the fighting of Austriaing of the Nazis and the Communists had submitted the cartridges last. When Kurt was drafted into the Wehrmacht, his father a staunch opponent of Hitler was told that he should not fight against the Russians.

On a military train, which was traveling connection Kurt, flew Soviet aircraft. In the confusion, he deserted and two days later he was approached by the guerrillas. On the side of the people’s Avengers Kurt fought for two years and was killed in one of the battles.

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