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History 03/03/20 As it was called swastika Hitler

No one ideology, no political party, no army, no state will never do without symbols. Flags, coats of arms, seals, flags, chevrons, documents – all this and more people need to feel ownership to a particular system. Particular attention is visual propaganda and agitation focused leadership of the Third Reich. Adolf Hitler was personally involved in the development of symbolism of the national socialist workers ‘ party.

an Ancient symbol

the Nazis in his own way redefined German history, they strongly rejected the state attributes associated with the recent past – black-white-red flag of the German Empire and the black-red-gold flag of the Republic. The symbols for the new country, the ideology of fascism was looking for in ancient times, seeking to revive the primordial Aryan tradition. Therefore, their appeal to the swastika was logically justified.

the Candidate of historical Sciences Yuri Makovsky wrote an article “the Symbolism of the Nazi movement in Germany in the 1920s-1940s,” which was published in the magazine “Bulletin of Omsk state pedagogical University” (No. 1 for 2013). The author noted that the Nazis attached great importance to visual propaganda.

“Hitler believed that the characters of the party to influence the minds of the masses, in order in this way to convince people of the prospects of the Nazis, to cause nostalgia for the old heroic times, the desire to return to the heroics of the Nordic original, to associate with the support of the Nazi movement”, – said Yuri V. Makovsky.

Various Masonic, nationalist and pochvennicheskaya organization Germany used the swastika as their symbol since the late nineteenth century. The Nazis first demonstrated it in August 1922 at a meeting in Munich.

Many researchers have noted that the swastika is a very ancient symbol found in almost all of indoeuroEuropean peoples, including the Slavs. But now she is in the world is perceived very negatively, becoming as a result of criminal acts of the Third Reich is the epitome of fascism, of death and destruction.

in General, the word “swastika” translates from Sanskrit as “associated with good”. It is believed that in India this symbol was brought by the representatives of the tribe of the Aryans. In Vedic culture it is a sign of the eternal cycle of life, rebirth and renewal.

Aryan sign

the Ancient Germans and Scandinavians often carved a swastika on a children’s cradles, posthumous tombstones, girlish jewelry, handle weapons, etc. So the Gentiles were protected from the forces of evil, the evil eye and spoilage, hoping to enlist the support of a higher power. Sorcerers used this symbol in a battle of magic, and during the peaceful rituals. In a surviving pre-Christian manuscripts this sign is often associated with the legendary hammer of the God Thor.

Sergei Zubkov – author of the book “the Third Reich under the banner of occultism” (Moscow, 2007 edition) – I’m sure the Nazis considered the Aryan symbol swastika, ostensibly opposing the mystical signs of the Jews.

“Interestingly, in the area inhabited Semitic tribes in upper Mesopotamia and Phoenicia, the swastika is almost gone. Such observations gave rise to the archaeologist Ernst Kraus in 1891 to put forward the thesis that this symbol is unique to the peoples of the Indo-European root,” wrote S. V. Zubkov.

the Theory of E. Kraus was supported by the famous occultist Guido von list, engaged in the translation of the runic texts. He called the swastika symbol of the Aryan race, the Nordic science and magic knowledge. Another famous mystic Karl Haushofer believed that the Germanic mages, druids, the swastika was a symbol of fire and fertility.

She attributed various positive qualities: solar polarity, creativity, activity, unity of material and spiritual world, perfection.

German politician Hermann Rauschning in his book “Conversations with Hitler” attributed fyurERU is a definition: “the Swastika – the struggle for the victory of the Aryan movement and at the same time, the swastika symbolizes creativity.”

Many researchers have noted that this symbol has a distinct anti-Semitic. They quote lines from Adolf Hitler’s book “Mein Kampf” about what the swastika means “the mission of the struggle for the victory of Aryan man and at the same time the victory of creative productivity, which has always been alien to the Jews.”

“Metageometry cross”

the Candidate of historical Sciences Sergey Kormilitsyn, in his book “the Order of SS. The Jesuits of the Empire. What not to say” (Saint Petersburg, 2008 edition) noted that in the early twentieth century, the swastika became inextricably linked in Germany with a nationalist ideology. So the question about the choice of the party emblem did not exist, the representatives of the nascent fascist movement even organized a competition for the best symbol of the Nazi party.

Adolf Hitler himself wrote that he was forced to reject “all the countless projects, send me from all over the young supporters of the movement, because all these projects were confined to a single theme: they took old colors and background in different variations drew metageometry cross.”

a Researcher of the occult practices of the pseudonym Lin background PAL, in the book “All the secrets of the Third Reich” (Saint-Petersburg, 2010 publication) said that in the end, Adolf Hitler approved their own draft party logo. On a red quadrilateral background is a white circle in the center of which was a picture of a black swastika. Subsequently, this emblem became the official flag of Nazi Germany.

According to the most Adolf Hitler, the red color symbolizes the social ideas of the movement, white nationalism, and “metageometry cross” – the coming victory of the Aryan.

it is Noteworthy that the colors of the new flag matched with a black-and-white-red flag of the German Empire, which meant a kind of heraldic succession and had to rouse among the population Patriotic feel.VA.

Adolf Hitler chose the swastika four-pointed, the beams of which were bent to the right at a right angle, while the German occult organizations of the time used the opposite version, when the rays are bent to the left. Such a common the swastika represents the motion with the sun and had openly creative value, then as the Nazi sign, according to some researchers, has a negative connotation.

the eagle warrior spirit

the State emblem is practically the only character that has not undergone review by the Nazis. The eagle was a symbol of Germany when it was an Empire, it now adorns the national emblem of this country.

the terrible, and strong eagle soaring high in the sky, anciently esteemed the representatives of many Nations. The ancient Greeks called this bird a manifestation of the will of the God Zeus and the Roman legions went into battle under banners which were topped with eagle wings. The Indians worshiped a warlike spirit winged predator, honored him in India.

Adolf Hitler knew that the heraldic eagle is a Germanic symbol with a special meaning for the people, and the bird was often depicted with a swastika, which she was holding in her paws. For the Germans, the eagle was a kind of “Aryan” of the celestial world, the embodiment of the military spirit of the God Wotan (Odin).

Oak is the embodiment of power

Another ancient national symbol, which the Nazis used in their propaganda, was the oak worshipped by German pagans as a model of stability, strength and power. Not by chance during sacrificial gifts to the gods, often hung on the branches of this tree.

the Ancient druids the oak was attributed magical powers, they often went with staves carved from its wood. A wreath woven of oak leaves, the German mystics of the early twentieth century called the very first symbol of power, known throughout Germany. Supposedly such wreaths adorned the heads of chiefs during ceremonies.

the Nazis sought watrodit lost since the days of the Roman Empire national symbols, so the swastika on campaign posters often depicted in a frame of oak leaves.

“Dead head”

the Waffen-SS originally created as the personal guard of Hitler. Members wore uniforms of black color, their sleeves tied ribbon with a swastika and the head of the SS covered the cap with a silver emblem of the “Dead head” (“Adam’s head”).

in General, the skull with crossed bones under it, too, is much older than Nazi ideology. Well-known publicist, author of numerous studies on military history Wolfgang acuña wrote in his book “the SS Division “Reich”. History of the Second armored division of the Waffen SS. 1939-1945″. The author drew the readers ‘ attention that the skull and bones, in many cultures, originally symbolized not death, but the ability to revive vital energy and strength of spirit, standing up to corruption. This is not surprising because the skeleton is the most durable organic fabric in the human body.

“throughout human history, the emblem of the “dead head” was used in the British, French, Finnish, Bulgarian, Hungarian, Austrian, Italian and Polish troops, mainly cavalry, aviation, flamethrower, assault and tank units in special forces, US army…” – wrote V. V. acuña.

of Prussia “hussars of death”, “Black Legion” of the Duke of Brunswick used this sinister symbol, but for the Nazis it had a special meaning. The fact that the “dead head” was the emblem of Prigorov – volunteer corps mobilized by the government of the German Republic after the November revolution of 1918 in the struggle with the local Bolsheviks. And by the time the complete suppression of supporters of Communist ideology, many members of the volunteer corps joined the ranks of the SS to continue the service under the same logo.

That is, for the Nazis, “dead head” symbolized in the first place, BorBU Bolshevism.

Two of the rune “zig” and other signs

Another sinister symbol of the SS – rune “Sieg”, which was written the name of the organization.

well-Known historian and Germanist Nikolay Lavrov under the pseudonym Nick Warvel released the book “the Waffen-SS. Blood trail” (Rostov-on-don, 2000 edition). The author noted that the German occultists believed ancient runic script is a powerful magical tool with which to influence the future.

“the Attribute of the God of war Thor. A sign of power, of energy, of struggle and death. In 1933 SS-hauptsturmführer Walter heck, a graphic artist in the workshop of Ferdinand Hoffstatter in Bonn, developing the layout of the new icon, they combined two of the rune “zig”. Molnienosnaya expressive form made an impression on Himmler, who elected double zipper logo SS”, N. N. Lavrov described the history of the symbol.

Mystics believed that the double Sieg rune emblem of the SS in this organization guarantee victory in any battle. In addition, the importance of German occultists gave two more runes: “Chagall” and “Wolfsangel”.

First, according to the ideologues of Nazism, symbolized unwavering faith in the matter of the Fuhrer. Along with the swastika sign was placed on the form all members of the SS, its even used in engraving wedding rings if the couple were part of this organization. Interestingly, the traditional symbols of the runes “of Hagalaz” – the destructive hail, the redemption of losses.

A rune “Wolfsangel” (wolf hook) was for the Nazis a kind of talisman, protecting from hostile forces. Although medieval German, this symbol meant, first and foremost, freedom. Some tank units of the Waffen SS used the “Wolfsangel” in their symbolism, they hoped, probably, that the powerful rune would protect them during battles on the Eastern front.

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