As partisans were saving Soviet citizens from theft in Germany

History 24/03/20 As partisans were saving Soviet citizens from being driven away to Germany

Deportation to work in Germany – one of the saddest pages of the great Patriotic war. This occurred from 1942 to 1944.
it all Started with the fact that in the winter of 1941 the German leadership realized the failure of the “blitzkrieg”, and ordered to use force rabochuu from Russia to Germany. Young people, boys and girls, and older people, leaving their homes and families, drove into the unknown. Alone — yielding to propaganda, which promised all the workers “from the East” life in a comfortable environment, decent pay, cultural appeal. The other was arrested and taken by force.

Why in Germany sent “Ostarbeiters”?

the Germans called them “Ostarbeiter” — workers from the East. Propaganda films and leaflets that the labour movement was presented to the inhabitants of the occupied territories as a voluntary act. Residents of the Ukrainian, Belarusian, Russian cities had to assume that the “Ostarbeiters” go to Germany to help the Germans to fight a common enemy – the Bolsheviks. Movies and articles telling us about how wonderful life is such a “Ostarbeiter” in the cities and villages of Bavaria, Saxony, and other German lands.
Themselves the Germans knew that about any help from these “untermensch” and speech cannot be. Slave fails, it silently works, carries out the orders of their masters. In fact, the influx of “Ostarbeiters” in Germany was the beginning of the realization of the great project of Hitler on the colonization of the Eastern lands by mistake occupied by Slavs. In case of victory of the fertile land in the Ukraine, on the coast of the warm seas would be distributed to the Germans. And I would have worked on these farms it is these same “untermensch”. They would have to do all the hard work in Germany. In addition to the implementation of the ideological program was a purely practical reason: men went to the front, and work nand the factories, on the farms there was no one.

Many residents of the USSR were deported to Germany?

the German leadership has set the task to take them away to Germany, 15 million workers from the Soviet Union. In fact, for these two years in Germany sent about 5 million people. According to the Germans, in February 1942 drove for 8-10 thousand people a day.

the Conditions in which they lived “Ostarbeiters”

Special instructions of the German government stipulated that “all workers shall receive such food and such housing and be subjected to such treatment, which would give an opportunity to exploit them to the maximum extent at the minimum cost”. Needless to say that the mortality rate among the workers of the USSR was very high. Of the 5 million before the end of the war, only 2 survived.
Our boys and girls used in the most difficult work: in factories, in mines. These workers lived in camps where conditions are little different from ordinary concentration camps for prisoners of war. Some, however, fall on the farm. Here the attitude was very different. As a rule, the master would make a lot of work, bad and a little fed, and I had to live somewhere in the barn.
was, of course, exceptions. Some may remember that the owners were so kind to him and treated almost like family members. Well, nobody ever said that all Germans were sadists and murderers.

As he saved and saved

Some tried to escape. Those who worked on farms, it was somewhat easier than working in factories.
a huge role in the salvation of the Soviet people taken to Germany, played the guerrillas. So, the partisans of the Leningrad region stopped sending to Germany more than 400 thousand people. In Minsk region the guerrillas have saved 567 civilians. Arranging acts of sabotage on railway tracks, stopping the cars with a “living product”, sent to Germany, the partisans were sent and then saved in their forest camp. Many managed to smuggle then out through the front to the rear. After the owlTSCA troops entered Germany, the mass release and the return of the Soviet people back East.

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