Leonid Rogosow had studied medicine, but never practiced, as he broke his doctorate and residency training in 1960, for the opportunity of a lifetime. The young man could as a doctor at the 6. Soviet Antarctic expedition. With twelve other Expedition members, he built the Soviet Nowolasarewskaja Antarctic station. At the time, knew Rogosow not that this Expedition was to him, the 27-year-old doctor, world famous. And that not one of his comrades, but he himself should be his most famous Patient.

After the Station was built, the Team is on a long and hard Winter. However, barely moved in, noticed Rogosow in February 1961 that he had appendicitis. “I am silent about it,” he wrote in his diary. “Why should I make friends with my fear? Who could help me?”


After 45 minutes, Rogosow was weaker and had to take breaks.

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But soon he realized that waiting was not an Option and he had only the choice between death or Self-Operation. “That is hardly possible. But I can’t fold my hands and give up now.”

On the 30. April it was time. Rogosow couldn’t wait any longer, just with Wrapping and antibiotics, the inflammation was not. His friends clean his room, empty and sanitized bed linen and instruments. The mechanic Zinovy Teplinsky held a mirror. The meteorologist Alexandr Artemev should range from the instruments. The station Director, Vladislav served Gerbovich as a backup in case someone fainted. If he would lose consciousness, had Rogosow Amphetamine prepared for injection, the should Wake him up again.

project 23550 icebreaker and a ship of war: Russia power struggle over the Arctic By Gernot Kramper

Then it was so far. Half-Sitting Rogosow made a 10-12 cm long cut in his flesh and began to remove the Appendix. He wore no gloves, because the light was so bad that he had to work by feel. “My heart has slowed down, tense and palpable, my hands felt like rubber.”

A colleague later wrote in his diary: “Rogosow had made the cut and is working on his own innards. As he removed the Appendix, made his intestines gurgling noise, which was very uncomfortable, the sound was terrible, you wanted to turn away. We wanted to flee, not look – but I remained calm. Also, Artemev and Teplinsky held their positions, although both had gotten pretty queasy, and just before the fainting. Rogosow itself was quiet and focused on his work, but the sweat ran down his face and he asked Teplinsky frequently, him the forehead wipe”.

After the cecum was on the outside, stitched Rogosow the wound, then he took sleeping pills. The surgery lasted a total of about two hours. Rogosow worked as a doctor. He died in the year 2000, the Antarctic, he visited ever again.

military base, Putin’s ice-fortress to the Arctic to dominate

Russia fixed border to its North. In the Arctic, has now been inaugurated in a futuristic military base. You should secure the Russian air space and alien ships from the North sea.



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