With 15 cans of beer have a medic healed in Vietnam, a man of severe alcohol intoxication. The 48-Year-old had previously been drinking, presumably, large quantities of cheap adulterated liquor, and his body leads to a lot of dangerous Methanol. As the daily newspaper “Tuoi Tre” reported, inspired the Doctors to the patient a Dose of a controlled juice of the Barley after the other. After 15 hours, in which the man is 15 cans of beer had to drink, he could leave the hospital again. The well-deserved hangover was full of drunk Vietnamese but not saves.

liver distracted: Ethanol sting, Methanol

The doctors used their unusual treatment of simple Tricks. With a diversion, they prevented the Methanol is converted in the body into formaldehyde and formic acid. This can not only cause harm to the nerve cells, but to the blindness or even death to the drinker. With the can of beer and the “real” alcohol, Ethanol, for the employees, the Doctors, the liver of the patient is simply otherwise. The respiration and the urine, meanwhile, the toxic Methanol could be eliminated. Left with a serious hangover remained.

“Unusual, but understandable,”

In Vietnam seems to be the method is a very common practice. You have proven to be effective, said Tran Van Thanh, one of the attending Physicians told the newspaper. A “medical Standard” does not, according to you, however, to he gave. “Rather unusual, but well understood,” says Hans-Jörg Busch of the accident hospital of Freiburg, the method of treatment of his Asian colleagues. It is important that the therapy will be initiated immediately, the Professor said the news Agency DPA. What kind of alcohol you use, is irrelevant.

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