It was probably the most-discussed appearance ever at the “ZDF-fernsehgarten”: Luke Mockridge last Sunday, the 18. August, on the stage tasteless jokes about the elderly and the monkey played by TV presenter Andrea Kiewel in the Laugh very quickly. They ended the gig after a few minutes. Later it was speculated that the appearance is a Promotion for Mockridges new satellite.1 Show was. The education is carried out on the 13. September at 20.15 in the case of “Luke! The Great Night Show”. Since the filmed Material to be shown.

On Sunday, the first “TV garden”show at stand now after the scandal and Andrea Kiewel felt the need to comment once again. Before it started in the morning, explained the presenter: “you can imagine after the last Sunday … As you would draw energy out of us”, made it once again clear how much of the incident on your gnawed. “But we would not be the great ‘TV garden’-family, we would not master the together,” said Kiwi optimistic. “And assuming, blonde as I am, I know everything and I knew it last Sunday, I promise you today, just in a good mood. Let’s see what happens.”

Andrea Kiewel has a head Influencer Riccardo Simonetti at the “TV garden” a guest at the “TV garden” What is the ZDF knew? Appearance of Luke Mockridge not matched “

” And actually, the last issue without a scandal came out – but with an Influencer in tight glitter shorts, who was also not in everyone’s case. On the official Instagram Account of the “TV garden” no, what were flipped by because of excitement as the Ancient said, among other things, a User: “sorry, was there? Now, I am 63 and I felt cheated when I saw this young Hoppser on the screen – but luckily my TV has a button to turn it Off before I puke.” Most of the reactions to the show and to the appearance of Riccardo Simonetti, however, were very positive.

sources: / Instagram “ZDF-Fernsehgarten”

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