On 3. In September 1999, celebrated the quiz show “Who wants to be a millionaire?” in RTL, Premiere. Eleven candidates were able to win in the last 20 years in the regular follow-Million. Finally, the Leon wind Scheid managed. He knew in December 2015, the right answer to the million-dollar question. Meanwhile, the 30-Year-old works as a psychologist, author, scientist, speaker and young entrepreneur. He wrote, among other things, the book “the mystery of the Psyche – How to win at Günther Jauch’s a Million other ways to keep the nerves”.

His Million he invested, among other things, in the Event ship MS Günther, for the Moderator Günther Jauch was the godfather. It is not the only connection between the two until today. In Wind Scheid’s home Jauch suit he abschwatzte the Moderator after his Triumph still hangs. What is wind difference so that’s up to and why is he “Who wants to be a millionaire?” now can not see, he said, in an Interview with the news Agency spot on news.

Interview, “Who wants to be a millionaire?”-Winner of the Leon wind Scheid repeated in the case of Jauch, the Million – and now he reveals his Psycho-Tricks Of Ilona Kriesl

you are the last candidate who has won in “WWM” a Million. Why has managed in four years any more?

The questions should be easier. I think this is the only solution. I was prepared at that time for three months on the show. Seven days a week, ten hours a day. I have today the boxes of Books at home, which I have learned. The actual Knowledge is, however, only a fraction of what you need for success. I would say: 20% Knowledge, 60 percent luck and the Rest of the chemistry with Günther Jauch – it came together at me everything.

you will Find actually that the questions have become more difficult in recent years?

I must confess that I follow the show. I was still two or three times invited, but I no longer turn on. It’s kind of something completely different, since I was there. I used to be a big Fan and am of course still. But I can’t watch. I think it’s a bit like if the offender would return to his crime scene. Therefore, I can’t judge the difficulty of the questions.

Are you still in contact with Günther Jauch?

no, but if we see us for Specials, it is always incredibly nice. He is very friendly, very interested and we always have good conversations. But beyond that, no.

you have to get to the Show, Jauch a suit including a tie. What happened to it?

I want to auction off the tie for a charitable purpose, however, was not enough, as I increases it at the end for 1000 euros. The suit actually I still have hanging in my home in the closet. I wonder all the time, where and how I could introduce the changes to a wider audience, to auction the. Maybe I’ll bring the just for the anniversary.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?”-Candidate Of Leon wind amount to million profit is nothing left

you have spent your Million shortly after the victory, regret you?

no, I have never looked back. Although there were initially many setbacks and difficulties with the boat. The money has been taken from me, especially the fear of making me self-employed. I am today grateful that I have dared this step. I never had the thought that I wouldn’t have done it better. I am glad that I have found through this money, enough courage to make what has turned out to be eventually as a dream.

what is your Event ship MS Günther’s going on?

It runs really, really well. We have reservations up to 2023, and almost all of the tours are always sold out. Quite fantastic.

you found yourself often?

So often, but this is now so often. I’m currently experiencing with my stage program “Old brain, New world – psychology live” on Tour and thus travel a lot. But that does not matter, we now have a 40-strong Team and the rocks the Whole much better than I could ever do that would have. I’m glad I’m not more involved in the Management.

“WWM”-winner Leon wind Scheid, “I say, Daniela Katzenberger had known also” By Jens Maier

That is, you concentrate currently mainly on your stage show and your books?

Yes, I am working on a new book, back to the topic of psychology. I also do a lot of presentations in business and am working on a new Podcast.

What can the audience expect from your program “Old brain, New world – psychology-experience it live”?

It is a wild Ride through the brain. My point is that you understand yourself better. I’ll bring in the principle of the latest findings from psychology and brain research. But have no fear, this is no dry lecture, but it is a lot of laughter. There are very many Live Acts with the audience. In fact, people come to the Show again and again to me, to explain, to have at least one or two new thoughts took. Because I really feel that I can trigger in people.

Is your program comparable to a Comedy program?

will laughed, but it is not a Comedy program. There’s a lot of science in it, it has more depth. It might be compared with a political cabaret to. A Science Slam is perhaps the best comparison. So a Poetry Slam, only with scientists, the different things from their research and this is what I do also. I like to combine scientific content with a certain degree of ease. From September there will also be a Podcast with me and Atze Schröder, in which we discuss, together, in each episode a certain feeling. In “Assisted living” Feel are light on the topic both from the point of view of Comedy, as well as the science.

“Who wants to be a millionaire?” The million-dollar question was too easy?

they were in different TV shows as a guest, are scheduled more TV appearances?

Since there are always ideas. And I am also glad that people have interest. But I’m not about to somehow get to be on TV. I have the feeling that many people have when the topic of the psychology of misunderstandings, that there is still a lot of education work needs to be done. That’s why I’m glad when I appearance in the television with a talk show-many people can reach. This is my primary Mmotivation in the process. Otherwise, there are always suggestions and ideas. But since I always watch very carefully: What I really enjoy and where I see a content-related starting points?

What was offered to them as so?

I don’t know if it was really fun. But I was asked if I wanted to go to the jungle camp. I have answered that I would only predict when Günther Jauch comes with the assumption that the subject is eaten with it. How you can participate in something like that, is to me inexplicable until now. An idea I’d never. Even if a career is technically nothing more, I’d rather be unknown, and penniless, and homeless in Cologne’s pedestrian zone as in the Australian jungle.

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