In January, Samsung has introduced with much fanfare its new top-of-TV. Some Details of the South Korean group, but left the question of, among other things, the price. Now we know why: The flagship TV’s are really expensive.

Already the “smallest“ TV – 65 inch large GQ65Q950RGTXZG– rated Samsung 5500 Euro. For comparison: Cheaper 65-incher, you already get for 700 Euro, very good the latest devices offered by the main competitors LG and Philips for 2000 to 2500 Euro. For the 75-inch model (GQ75Q950RGTXZG) to Samsung 8000 Euro for the variant with an 82-inch you have to pay a five-figure sum (€12,000).

Porsche or Samsung TV?

With the announced 98-inch TV shoot Samsung but the bird: a Whopping 59.999 EUR 48.000 Euro more – demands of the group for the high-end model with nearly 2.50 m image diagonal. compared to “computer base“, said Samsung on the price increase with the enormously high cost and the susceptibility to defects in the production of such large Panels. Nevertheless, Even a cheap Porsche or an E-class of Mercedes you can get for less money.

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Samsung 2019er models now offer as standard a 8K resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels). However, you can enjoy the many pixels only in exceptional cases. Netflix, Amazon and Sky can still stream movies and series in 8K, in the case of Apple iTunes the conclusion is also at 4K. Youtube has some 8K-Clips, these can currently be on Samsung TVs, however, not reproduced. Even data carriers, such as Ultra-HD-Blu-Ray offer movies at such a high resolution.


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