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In episode three of “Let’s Dance” danced by the twelve remaining couples, among other things, by Cha-Cha-Cha, Tango or Salsa. Ella, Finally, (34), Shot from the previous week, was again a lot of cheering and high scores. Kerstin Ott (37), however, it wasn’t round – more came out but still. Had to go to someone else.

Joachim Llambi can be allowed to it’s not right

Designer Thomas Rath (52), in a pink silk shirt, as in the previous week to kick off it. He laid with his dance partner Kathrin Menzinger (30) a spirited Jive on the dance floor. The members of the jury: Joachim Llambi (54), Motsi Mabuse (37) and Jorge González (51), however, were divided: Llambi and Mabuse got the Details of your respective criticism, almost in the hair. However, there was a very good 23 points.

More strength and masculinity, Joachim Llambi demanded in the last week of parquet Chicks Lukas Rieger (19). In today’s Quickstep Llambi was with reference to it: “have You tried the guy out. This has made it more broken than it has helped.” You can’t make it all right. Accordingly, he distributed only four points. Six of the other jurors.

Popo-“French fries” are not only convinced Jorge González

a professional handball player “fries” Pascal Hens (39) and Ekaterina Leonova (31) made in to your Cha Cha Cha then significantly more properly. Especially Hens’ Popo gave Gonzalez a lot of attention. Mabuse was more convinced of his hip. Only Llambi mounted to the one or the other point of criticism. Overall, the handball players erwackelte 24 points.

athlete Sabrina Mockenhaupt (38) has been certified in your Salsa “good moments” and an improvement, to be but still: an average of 13 points. Presenter Nazan Eckes (42) and Christian Polanc (40) dared according to Llambi during their Quickstep to little risk. Mabuse and González saw it differently: 20 points – four of Llambi.

Kerstin Ott may not increase

the jungle Queen Evelyn Burdecki (30), and Evgeny Vinokurov (28) could not tear it with your Contemporary also really what – in spite of the sexy poses of the 30-Year-old. There was only 15 points. Ran much better at GZSZ actress Ulrike Frank (50) and Robert Beitsch (27). Your Tango convinced: 21 points.

Also a Tango singer and DJane Kerstin Ott (37) and Regina Luca (30) tried. After the weak performance in the previous week, it didn’t work this Time, really better. Again, there was a measly 10 points, again Ott had to tremble. Next up: Team “Butt-air”. A little more than hot air, there was this time, actually, thanks to an “intensive training week”, as Comedian Oliver Pocher (41). Your Charleston the Jury was a solid 20 points.

Ella Finally be the pressure

The pressure on Ella, Finally, must be large. The last Time there was a standing ovation and a whopping 29 points. Could she repeat this feat? Almost! The with dance partner Valentin Lusin (31) presented Salsa was cheered by the audience, although again with a standing ovation. The Jury was full of praise. But for the according to Llambi “the most authentic Salsa performance” in “Let’s Dance” there was “only” 28 points. “Only” nine of Mabuse and González.

Since designer Barbara Becker (52) and her dance partner Massimo Sinató (38) could not keep up with their Rumba. Too little, too little enjoyment, devotion, to much reluctance, the Jury. The bottom line is that there were only 18 points. They had to tremble at the end. To launch dancing actor and martial arts master, Benjamin Piwko (38) and Isabel Edvardsson (36) a Quickstep and home a most good 21 points.

Lukas Rieger will be sent home

The sails had to swipe actor Jan Hartmann (38) and Comedian Özcan Cosar (37). In spite of the again weak 10 points Kerstin Ott. This week, chick Lukas Rieger from the audience got a basket and was sent home.

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