As Jesse McGregor he starred in one of the most successful Australian soap operas of all times. Now, actor Ben Unwin died at the age of 41 years. Already on 14. August had found the police during a routine operation his body on the Australian East coast. The exact cause of death is unknown. A murder the use of forces from close, however.

Star in “Home and Away”

His breakthrough Unwin in the series “Home and Away”. In the second most successful Soap Opera in Australia, he played from 1996-2000 and again from 2002-2005. Later, he left acting behind and worked as a lawyer.

Former series colleagues are dismayed

The former colleagues from “Home Away” were dismayed by Unwins early demise: “The cast and Crew of ‘Home and Away’ are deeply know saddened by the death of former colleague, Ben Unwin to. We include Ben’s family and friends in our prayers,” said a spokesman for the Australian TV station Channel 7. Former production colleagues have expressed on your Social Media channels your condolences.

sources: “celebrity flash”, “Independent”, “Evening Standard,” “The Guardian”

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