This summer is marked by a special pre-election campaign. The upcoming parliamentary elections in three Federal States to bring people on the street and parties in the movement. Because what it will mean, if the AfD in Saxony, Brandenburg, and/or Thuringia parliamentary wins majorities? What changes will it bring? Then finally something is happening in terms of rising Rents, dilapidated school buildings, Retirement security and climate change, nobody seems to believe – or even just as a voter, maintenance to the party.

so Why the AfD is so interesting, because you will be questioned to the pressing problems of the time nor substantially contribute tried? This election campaign is channeling a long-simmering debate about right-wing radicalism in Germany and its delimitation to the democratic spectrum on normalization and the “eligibility” of extreme positions. The former terms seem not to help and to feed the media debates often have more of the excitement than to create greater clarity.

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The book is published by Piper Verlag and costs 18 Euro.

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At this point, Matthias Quent, with his book “Germany is right outside,” a discussion of excitation, the concepts, the experiences of citizens, survey and election results, historical findings, and scientific and political debates telling summarizes and assigns. Without going into the academic off, he creates conceptual clarity between Right-conservatism, German nationalism, right-wing populism, right-wing extremism and terrorism. In doing so, he draws on historical experiences of the last 150 years, with the help of current developments, to classify and to recognize Parallels: Parallels that should warn us, because “[t]he possibility of a new Holocaust is rooted in the radical right-wing Thinking, because it represents the old scheme the following is a group (in the case of Höcke “neo-liberal of a multi-cultural forces”) as a universal threat“ (p. 51). Parallel, which can encourage us, but also, contrary to the culture of the pessimistic moods, a false nostalgia and a widespread “emotional[n] enthusiasm for apocalyptic perspectives” (p. 128) to perceive the progress of the present and future challenges to tackle.

has To be evaluated Consistently an immense Wealth of statistics and data, which are otherwise often presented separately from the page and interpreted, and gives us instead a whole image. He cited the right-wing’s favorite theme of the press has risen, the long-term study of “media trust,” the University of Mainz: “the proportion Of those who do not trust the media, from 2008 to 2018 of 9 to 22 percent. However, in the same period, the proportion of those who increased the media trust, from 29 to 44 percent. Sharply, the proportion of those who question the trust in the media, the answer is ‘partly’ is gone …” (p. 150)

In many aspects of our society – such as women’s rights, environmental and peace policy shows Consistent, strong and, of course, humanist, civil rights and progressive views in the last few decades, increased, and levels of support to separatist audit and anti-European theses have decreased. Thus, it is possible for him to produce an analysis that shows, in spite of their serious finding that right-wing radicalism, so threatening and omnipresent, he is currently, is, ultimately, a rearing up against an increasingly more open society.

is right-wing extremism is not a East German Problem

His particular Strengths to win the book, where Quent occasionally a detour from the narrative from the Factual in his personal view and experience. Here, especially the Preface recommended the reader – it follows no boring introduction, but rather an extremely readable, personal opening which is, what, then, objectively, and with a variety of data. Quents Preface assigns this information to right-wing radicalism, where they represent real terms: in the concrete life world of people in our Republic. It shows what he means on-the-spot, what it feels like, outside of academic and parliamentary debates, and what are the everyday effects it has for numerous citizens.

At the same time, he does away with the common prejudice, right-wing radicalism is a East German Problem. On the contrary, East Germany, you can also learn – for example, the city of Jena, the radical right-wing hegemony has pushed back within 20 years, or from the state of Brandenburg, which has raised the action against the dissemination of racist ideologies to the Constitution.

So Consistently, with concrete examples, and often surprising to Compare helps you to see more clearly what is in the confrontation with the radical Right is good and what tempted, unconsciously, to their democracy and to normalize, enmity, and a lot of smart calls on witnesses to German intellectual and cultural history. His book is a plea for more discussion, information and exchange among various Milieus about the rapid social changes of the last decades, the different experiences, fears, fears of loss and real profits. A plea for more courage, for power, for differentiation and for the design of the aforementioned issues for the future.

Matthias Quent: “Germany is on the right. Such as the Right grasp for Power and how we can stop”. Piper Verlag, Munich, 2019, € 18

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