journalists ‘ organizations have criticized U.S. President Donald Trump’s sharp, he has praised members of Congress for the violent Attack on a journalist. This would be equal to the Cheer of a crime by someone who swore to respect the laws, was the “White House Correspondent’s Association”, an Association of journalists in Washington.

Trump had praised the deputies Greg Gianforte on the eve of a campaign appearance with the words: “Any guy who can make a Bodyslam, someone, I guess.”


Gianforte had Packed a journalist of the British “the Guardian” in may of 2017 at the neck, flung to the ground and beat him. A court sentenced him to community service and a fine. He paid also $ 50,000 to a journalists ‘ organization.

the Committee to protect journalists (Committee to Protect Journalists) criticized trump’s praise for the deputies. In a time in which journalists around the world and imprisoned were to be killed, was unseemly, said the managing Director of the Committee, Joel Simon, on Twitter.

Trump said on Friday, in Scottsdale, in the U.S. state of Arizona, he regret his statement. “He is a great guy,” said the President via Gianforte. “I’ll stay here.” Trump himself is criticized for his verbal attacks against the media. Media reports critical of him, has referred to the President repeatedly as “enemies of the people”.

Video: Donald Trump and his Deputy, Mike Pence





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