There were the two last games of the preliminary round, in which all League-of-Legends-Fans became more than clear that the existing Asian domination, could come to these Worlds for the first time in a Long time, to falter. In the decision to play for the victory in group D, the second-best Team in the Chinese League against Fnatic stepped in with Invictus Gaming. And Europe’s strongest Team beat the favored Asian competition, but they introduced phase-wise spectacular.

After the preliminary round, the field of participants at Worlds, the big season finale of League of Legends has been reduced to half. The decisions in the Worlds-groups were sometimes very closely, in the field of the best eight Teams from the major regions of Europe, North America, China and Korea are represented.

“League of Legends” League of Legends “

does” The favorites have, as expected, enforced. KT Rolster lost in group C only one game, and came so on. But already the second title contender, Royal Never Give Up, had, in his group B after a strong start, unexpected problems, and could secure only in the game against Cloud 9 to win the group.

In the knockout stage, the winners of the groups were the group second of the other squadrons assigned. A look at the upcoming quarter-finals, the previous performance of the Teams and an evaluation for the rest of the tournament:

KT Rolster – Invictus Gaming:

a Special game for Korea’s new Superstar: the Song “Rookie” Eui-jin is regarded by many as the best Mid Laner in the world. Because the craft of the Koreans has learned in the service of the Chinese team Invictus Gaming in the Korean quarter-final opponent is KT Rolster.

His Team will continue, as in the entire tournament, all hopes on the skills of the Rookie. You must also, at all four other positions, Invictus is KT likely to be inferior. But also on the Mid-Lane of the duel is not decided yet: Son “Ucal” Woo-hyeon, 17-year-old Mid Laner for the Korean team, showed his superior Talent in several Games.

While in group b Fnatic in the first round already, the weak points of Invictus demonstrated had allowed himself Rolster KT only a small mistake against Edward Gaming. KT is one of the favorites to win the tournament and also in this game. The Koreans will move into the semi-finals.

Edward gaming Jeon “Jay” Ji-won

Royal Never Give Up – G2 Esports:

There Royal Never Give Up waiting probably. The Chinese were traded in the run-up to the tournament as the first contender for the title. The Team around Superstar Jian “Uzi” Zi-Hao had decided in the summer to the Mid-Season Invitational, the first major international forces of the season. The first three Worlds-games won, the Chinese expected scores before they got surprisingly into the Bush.

While RNG presented unexpectedly weak, surprised G2 with strong performances. The European Team qualified after a disappointing season, only Play In the Stage, the upstream of the qualifying tournament. In the group, you could then well-known competition such as the Flash Wolves from Taiwan.

In the quarter-finals will try the Europeans to surprise the favoured Chinese. Nevertheless, Royal Never Give Up will move in, probably due to the playful Superiority of the team members in the semi-finals.

Afreeca Freecs – Cloud 9:

the Two Teams could not be more different: On the one hand, Afreeca Freecs from Korea, meticulous coaching of players and the second-best Team in the domestic League. On the other hand, Cloud 9 from the USA, whose members stream already time for a change from the LoL everyday Fortnite games and have only played through the qualifying round in the tournament.

This will be the closest game of the quarter-finals. In the preliminary round the Koreans did not transmit the expected dominance, while Cloud 9 have with a young Team led by Veteran Zachary “Sneaky” Scuderi in the severe group B almost win the group in front Royal Never Give Up secured. Spurred on by this success, it could create the North Americans to the semi-finals.

group stage in Busan

Fnatic – Edward Gaming:

In Europe has dominated Fnatic, the season completely. But that they would play at the Worlds so big, presumably nobody would have expected. The Team has shown that it is staffed at all positions and with the two Top-Lanern has the element of Surprise is always on his side.

Edward Gaming showed in the group phase-fluctuating benefits. The Chinese wrestled from KT Rolster a victory, but lost against Team Liquid from North America. You are looking at the tournament, Fnatic is the clear favorite.

The European Team to a Mid-Lane-shooting star Rasmus “Caps” Winther, an estimate many experts after the preliminary round, as perhaps the strongest Team that has resulted in the Western regions ever. Fnatic should move with little trouble to the semi-finals, there is a good chance to the finals and could even provide a Sensation in the final.

How can you watch the games?

All of the games can be in the Stream watching. The organizer Riot Games will broadcast the matches (Saturday and Sunday, 6 and 10 o’clock) on his Homepage and on his Twitch and YouTube channel in English. A German-language Transmission are also on the page of the organizer or on the Twitch channel of Summoner’s Inn.


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